Reservoir Sun, OL Groupe and ENGIE join forces to provide solar power for the OL Vallée project

By Engie - 13 January 2021 - 15:41

Reservoir Sun and ENGIE are now lead partners in providing the OL Vallée project with access to solar energy. This innovative and sustainable undertaking includes the installation of solar facilities that will use a range of photovoltaic solutions to power the entire local ecosystem. It also involves an image partnership and a contribution to the Ma Chance Moi Aussi (A Chance For Me Too) organisation.



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Having joined the ‘Time for the Planet’ movement and in line with its strong environmental commitments, OL Groupe is demonstrating its desire to play an active role in sustainable development initiatives in its region. With the support of Reservoir Sun, a key player in solar self-supply, OL Groupe has created links with local projects initiated by the town of Décines, the city of Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


It is anticipated that these various solar energy projects will position OL Vallée as a global benchmark for renewable energy in the world of sport and events.

This long-term partnership was formalised at the Groupama Stadium on 8 January 2021 in the presence of:


  • Jean Michel Aulas, Chairman of OL Groupe
  • Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of ENGIE’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the ENGIE Foundation 
  • Mathieu Cambet, Chairman of Reservoir Sun
  • Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, All In Academy


“From the time we built the stadium, we have prioritising the use of clean, sustainable energy. These photovoltaic projects meet the challenges of today whilst paving the way for those of tomorrow. This broad-based partnership with key players in the field of energy is directly aligned with our duty to set an example when it comes to renewable energy and sustainable development.”

Jean-Michel Aulas, Chairman of Olympique Lyonnais


“ENGIE is proud of to partner Olympique Lyonnais in developing renewable energy and supporting the local voluntary sector. It is the Group’s firm intention to be a committed and responsible player in the energy sector in this region.”


Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of ENGIE’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the ENGIE Foundation 


“I am very proud and grateful for the confidence placed in Reservoir Sun by OL Groupe in establishing these different partnerships to promote the energy transition at OL Vallée. I truly believe that these solar self-supply projects will serve as an icon and send a strong message to future generations that it is possible to take practical local action, given a powerful vision and the will to achieve it. Sport is a great ally and vector in raising collective awareness of ecological issues.”


Mathieu Cambet, Chairman of Reservoir Sun


“I would like to thank Jean-Michel Aulas, who has helped us to develop the concept of the All In Academy at Décines-OL Valléé, which is compatible with the new challenges presented by renewable energy. The world is changing and we must now encourage every initiative to ensure sustainable management of our resources for future generations.”


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga


A technological partnership


As part of the initial partnership, Reservoir Sun will provide solar energy for the property assets of OL Vallée, including the first four flagship projects:


  • The introduction of solar canopies in the Groupama Stadium carparks - these will help to improve visitor comfort whilst powering charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • The installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Groupama OL Training Center, the mixed-gender training centre for the Olympique Lyonnais professional teams.
  • The development of a solar-panel roof for the future ‘All In Academy’ elite tennis training and coaching centre to be run by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Thierry Ascione in the south of the site.
  • The installation of solar panels on the future Arena, a multi-function hall for sporting and cultural events that will host EuroLeague basketball matches for ASVEL, the club chaired by Tony Parker.


The solar units will have a total installed capacity of about 10 MW and will cover an area of 50,000 m², the equivalent of seven football pitches. This locally-produced carbon-free electricity, which equates to the annual energy consumption of 2,500 households, will meet some of the requirements of the Groupama Stadium and the Arena, and will save 164 metric tons of CO² per year.


The training centre will provide some of the energy required by the Groupama Stadium through an innovative solution: solar self-supply.


The arrangement whereby the facility produces and consumes its own energy will also be duplicated in the Arena.


An image partnership


The second aspect of the partnership will involve Reservoir Sun becoming the official “Solar Energy” sponsor of Olympique Lyonnais for three seasons, starting this year. This unique project will be showcased at Olympique Lyonnais matches, which will have the added advantage of raising public awareness of the three partners’ commitment to renewable energy.


A partnership committed to common values


Lastly, this partnership will also provide an opportunity for the OL and ENGIE Foundations to associate their values by jointly supporting the “Ma Chance Moi Aussi” organisation with the presentation of a cheque for €20,000. The organisation - which located to the Groupama Stadium in 2019 - supports the education of the most vulnerable children by working with schools and the town of Décines in three focus areas - educational support, life skills and social awareness. The partnership’s support comes at a time when the organisation’s financial resources have been severely impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.


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