“The good day”: ENGIE gathers more than 1500 people to speed up the zero-carbon transition

By ENGIE - 20 June 2019 - 16:36

Following its “The good day” event on 20 June 2019 at the Parc de Saint-Cloud, ENGIE is paying tribute to the major commitment of the stakeholders who have committed to the zero-carbon transition. Indeed, more than 1500 people took part in this exceptional day. It was an opportunity for sharing, engaging in discussion and debate and finding out about the various innovative and concrete solutions developed by ENGIE, partner companies and start-ups, as well as charities and NGOs.


The zero-carbon transition will only be possible if all the stakeholders involved commit to it. If "The good day" was a success, it's because of just how committed all the various activists, NGOs, charities, companies, partners, researchers, students, schoolchildren, elected representatives and start-ups are, demonstrating that there is a need and a desire to get behind this common cause. Since limiting global mean temperature increase to below 2°C between now and 2050 is not enough, ENGIE wanted to assemble this wide and diversified panel of participants from all over the world so they could “get together and speed things up” and commit to a partner approach to the zero-carbon transition.


Participants got to hear Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena and French diplomat Laurence Tubiana discuss the future of cities and regions, for example, as well as a keynote address from psychologist and essayist Steven Pinker. Participants were also able to meet numerous societal stakeholders and people who are part of the social and solidarity economy in the event's “Good Galaxy” area. For example, the Start-up for kids association was there to teach the schoolchildren at the event how to code. And women from the Meet My Mama start-up, many of whom are from immigrant communities, were there to prepare meals – which proved highly popular among the visitors present. What's more, the whole venue used for the event was decorated with flowers supplied by Fleurs d’ici, the first ever company that sells flowers that are exclusively seasonal and local.

“The good day” was designed and delivered as an eco-responsible, inclusive event. All of the energy needed for it was produced on site by generators powered by vegetable oil and green hydrogen. Much of the furniture was provided by La Collecterie, an organisation that acquires objects that are considered rubbish, sorts them and then repairs or transforms them in order to give them a second life. Local fresh and organic products supplied via short distribution channels were served throughout the day on reusable, eco-designed plates. And all uneaten food was donated to Biocycle, a charity that tackles food waste. All of the event's installations will be recycled and 100% of the carpets will be reused.

When the event ended, Isabelle Kocher, ENGIE’s CEO said:


“I saw people talking and engaging in discussions throughout the day. They were all in agreement about one thing: we need to adopt a wider approach if we are to tackle climate change more effectively. During one discussion, one participant said to me: “we need to aim for the triple zero – zero carbon, zero poverty, zero exclusion”. I think he's right! Tonight, we'll all be going home feeling a little more motivated with a few more ideas. That was the whole point of The good day: get together in order to speed things up."