The Ombudsman’s recommendation to standardize the content of information sent to mediation

By ENGIE - 28 July 2023 - 16:18

Theme: The Mediation process

Entity concerned: Professional Clients Department

Recommendation: standardise the content of information requests and optimise the process for handling these requests in order to improve overall efficiency when investigating a potential mediation case.

Recommendation status: implemented


The Mediation team’s observation :

The content of the information included in the summary area of information requests and the timeframe for responding to additional requests were previously not standardised, as few cases relating to professionals were submitted to the Mediation team before the energy crisis of 2022. For 3 mediation cases, the content of the response to the request for information did not meet requirements. Additionally, in 2 mediation cases, the responses were received after more than 3 weeks and the additional elements after more than 8 days.


The Mediation team’s proposed solution:

A workshop was organised between the Mediation team and the DCP’s internal CRC in order to clarify/frame the expectations on both sides.


Generic observation:

In some cases, the lack of standardisation of initial and additional requests for information extended the time required to investigate referrals. Before the energy crisis, this concerned only twenty cases of professionals who referred themselves to the Mediation team.


Generic solution:

In a context in which professional customers are increasingly seeking mediation (the energy crisis, a changing portfolio, better knowledge of customers and escalation channels, etc.), it is important to standardise the content of information requests and to simplify the process for handling additional requests in order to improve efficiency when investigating mediation cases and therefore when reaching a mediation solution.

Following a workshop, the elements expected in the summary area were clarified and the information request document was adjusted accordingly. In addition, a channel of direct contact between the employees responsible for mediation (both on the Mediation side and in the DCP’s own CRC) has been established.