The Ombudsman’s recommendation to quickly resolve IT issues affecting customer data and potentially associated contracts

By ENGIE - 28 July 2023 - 15:59

Theme: Contract

Entity concerned: Professional Clients Department

Recommendation: Quickly resolve IT issues affecting customer data and potentially associated contracts.

Recommendation status: currently being implemented


The Mediation team’s observation:

The claimant holds a contract for the supply of natural gas. As a result of an anomaly, twenty contracts were grouped together on his customer record, his account was subject to erroneous cancellations, he received emails and bills intended for other customers, and he could not access his online account or contract.
The mailing address was incorrect, as was the SIRET number. The customer was therefore unable to receive his bills.
This situation lasted eight months until the complainant contacted the Mediation team.


The Mediation team’s proposed solution:

At the request of the Mediation team, the supplier, ENGIE, made the following proposals:

  • to send a request to the IT department to create a customer record displaying the customer’s contract only;
  • to correct the applicant’s administrative data in order to enable him to access his online account and receive his corrected bills;
  • to make a payment by way of compensation for the inconvenience in order to remedy the situation.


Generic observation:

Incorrect information in the customer database can have many impacts, including when sending emails and letters, issuing and sending invoices or posting contracts. All of these pose dispute risks. Resolving such matters could take several months.


Generic solution:

Given the difficulties caused for the customers concerned, the supplier, who is solely responsible for malfunctions in its customer databases, must address and quickly resolve IT problems affecting customer data and potentially the associated contracts by creating a ‘red’ priority channel.