Recommendation for the process for the payment of the energy efficiency certificate premiums

By ENGIE - 20 June 2022 - 10:52

Recommendation: Improve the implementation of the process for the payment of the energy efficiency certificate premiums that are due and, thereby, meet the payment deadlines that are shown on the ENGIE Internet portals.


Observation of the Mediation service:

A claimant should obtain the “helping hand premium” (prime coup de pouce) implemented by the ENGIE Group, concerning the installation of their heat pump which occurred nearly a year before their complaint was filed.
Despite the help of the installer who completed the entire application and properly transferred the request for the “Energy Efficiency Certificate” (CEE) to ENGIE, by making an electronic signature using the tools put in place by ENGIE on the dedicated internet portal. A premium of €4,000 was expected by the claimant since February 2020.


The Mediation solution:

It is important for the ENGIE division concerned to improve the circuit relating to the payment of premiums, ensure more accurate tracking and especially faster processing, in particular with regard to the payments due to consumers.


Generic observation:

Slowness in the payment of energy efficiency certificate premiums.


Generic solution:

Make the payments of the premiums more quickly by creating a specific business instruction.


Follow-up to the recommendation:

The conditions and premium allocation circuit for eligible professional customers are now well defined through an appropriate commercial stance and commercial offer (being tested, with rollout to all CRC DCP by the end of the year).