Mediator for ENGIE Group publishes 2022 annual report

By ENGIE - 14 June 2023 - 11:44

On 13 June 2023, Jean-Pierre Hervé, the ENGIE Group Director of Mediation, submitted his 2022 activity report to Catherine MacGregor, Group CEO. This report, published each year, outlines the results of the Mediator’s assignment, which falls within the framework of the French Consumer Code. The initial information contained in this report states : despite the energy crisis and a high volume of mediation cases, the Mediator consolidated the parties’ mediation solutions acceptance rate (87%) and the claimant satisfaction rate (91%).

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The Director of Mediation’s role is to help consumers resolve their disputes with professionals and to offer recommendations to improve the operating processes of the different departments of the company in question. Each year, his annual report, which is a regulatory obligation, outlines elements relating to his assignment, information about the requests received, the analysis of cases handled and the detailed recommendations made.

In 2022, the total number of actual referrals involving private individuals received by the Mediator, as defined by the French Consumer Code, dropped sharply (30% fewer than in 2021), to 1,772 requests. Correlatively, the number of mediation cases received involving private individuals dropped slightly to 393 eligible requests in 2022 (down 2% on 2021). 

In contrast, the number of cases involving business customers increased by 167% (80 compared to 30 in 2021). This is primarily due to the energy crisis and the non-applicability of the price cap to business customers.

The Mediation team nevertheless continued to provide a fast and efficient processing service, with an average consumption mediation case processing rate of 58.7 days in 2022. 

Four key points in 2022 : 

  • 30% drop in referrals involving private individuals
  • 2% drop in mediation cases involving private individuals
  • 167% increase in mediation cases involving business customers
  • more secure online referral website


Challenges in 2023:

The Mediator for ENGIE Group reaffirmed his objectives. 

  • He will continue to independently carry out his dispute resolution functions to the highest possible quality and performance levels. He will personalise the processing and satisfaction of each person making a request, while complying with the law and the principal of fairness, the foundation of successful mediation. 
  • He will continue to improve the website in order to ensure information is complete and adapted to the needs and expectations of people making requests. 
  • At the same time, he will carry on providing functional assistance to Group entities and subsidiaries in order to promote the out-of-court resolution of disputes within ENGIE.