E4: ENGIE for decarbonization

By ENGIE - 08 June 2022 - 17:27

On June 14, ENGIE is inviting companies committed to tackling the challenge of decarbonization to an event at Roland-Garros. A day to build their road maps, meet experts in the best solutions to achieve zero carbon and listen to the experiences of companies that have launched the transformations required to carry out this goal. The E4 in four questions.


What is ENGIE for decarbonization? 

E4 - ENGIE for Decarbonization- is the new decarbonization event for business leaders and committed companies. At ENGIE, we are convinced that meeting the huge challenge of this transition can only be achieved collectively, by sharing successes stories and federating all energies, expertise and talents. This is why ENGIE is bringing together the most committed companies for a whole day, when they will be able to jointly put the transformations necessary for a zero carbon road map. 
Much more than just a customer-oriented event, E4 aims to create the ecosystem of decarbonization in action: exchanges, testimonies, feedback and expert pitches to accelerate and to highlight existing solutions that have proven their worth and that allow us to scale up our customers’ ambitions.


Why now? 

For our customers, decarbonization raises some huge issues, and they are faced with systemic unknowns, for which no one has a definitive answer. 
For the most part, they have made dated, quantified, often medium-term commitments to their stakeholders: shareholders, customers, employees and public authorities. 
Many of them have not yet identified the final stages of their decarbonation trajectory. Each stage is structuring, setting priorities and building a carbon-free road map is a complex process. 
Our customers are caught up in a highly charged equation: acting urgently, and for the long term, in a world that has become even more volatile, due to the Russian gas crisis and the sharp and sharp rise in energy prices, which is the reason why they need support more than ever. 


Which companies will be present? 

Companies like Faurecia (the Forvia Group), Google, Procter&Gamble, Air France, Keolis, Saint-Gobain and CMA-CGM have accepted the invitation by Catherine MacGregor, ENGIE CEO, to come and talk about their road map and to share their experiences of how to rise to the challenges of an energy transition that is a source of new growth. Twelve partners, including Google, Orange, L’Olympique Lyonnais Vallée, Semmaris, Faurecia, Danone, Alstom, Arkema, Procter&Gamble, Michelin and BASF, will make pitches of the decarbonization solutions they co-built with ENGIE. 


What will be the key moments of this one-day event? 

E4 will feature four highlights in favour of decarbonization; 
E for EXCELLENCE: debates between CEOs in two round tables;
E for ENGAGE & EXPLORATION: a lunchtime discussion to explore the marketplace for ENGIE’s 360° decarbonization offer. 
E for EXPERIENCE: a moment of sharing with our customers who are leaders in decarbonization and who will take the stage to present their experiences during the “Customer Voices” program. 
And E for EXCLUSIVE: with Mike Horn, the adventurer of the extreme, who will close the event on an energetic note. 


“The one-day E4 event will offer an opportunity to discover an ecosystem of concrete cases and solutions for the decarbonization of companies, driven by the leaders of major groups, experts and members of ENGIE’s top management. The goal is to speed up the decarbonization of our customers and partners, and to offer inspiration to every player in the economy.” 
Pierre Cheyron, Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer, Energy Solutions


E4 in brief

Where: Roland-Garros – Philippe Chatrier court
When: 14 June 2022, 10 am to 6 pm