ENGIE leverages startups to innovate in biogas

By ENGIE - 17 May 2024 - 15:39

The ENGIE New Ventures fund has invested in two promising European biogas companies.


A significant milestone has been reached. ENGIE has just announced that its biomethane capacity has exceeded one terawatt-hour (TWh), marking an encouraging first step in our path to producing 10 TWh of biomethane annually in Europe by 2030. 


In the emerging biogas market, there are still opportunities to enhance competitiveness. That is why ENGIE New Ventures, the Group's investment fund for innovative startups, is keeping a close eye on the sector. Recently, it has invested in two promising companies in the field.


The French startup CryoCollect has developed a highly efficient process for capturing the carbon released from biogas purification, as well as an innovative method for liquefying the resulting biomethane. The recovered CO2, which is of food-grade quality, can be used for various applications (beverage carbonation, fertilizer production, etc.) instead of being released into the atmosphere.


The British company Wase has patented technology that increases the methane production from biomass by 30%, even from previously untreatable waste. This boosts yields, making previously unviable projects feasible. This is particularly beneficial for ENGIE, which operates methanization units in the UK. In September, the Group acquired Ixora Energy, a leader in the biomethane market in England.