Decarbonization: ENGIE’s approach to reach Net Zero Carbon

By ENGIE - 22 July 2021 - 19:47

Decarbonizing the energy sector is a challenge like no other: energy production is responsible for nearly ¾ of global greenhouse gas emissions.  

And reaching the Net Zero Carbon target requires a complete transformation of the energy system which drives the global economy. Yet 80% of today's energy suppliers still depend on fossil fuels. 


As a leader in low-carbon energy systems, ENGIE has set itself the goal of being Net Zero Carbon by 2045 and of supporting its customers' decarbonization with a target of 45Mt CO2-eq per year. All of this on 3 scopes: production, process and supply. 


What’s the Group’s roadmap?  

Also, based on its experience, how can ENGIE share and engage in this Net Zero Carbon revolution on the scale of its customers? 

This reference document, written by ENGIE Impact, the Group's entity dedicated to customer decarbonization strategies (see below), identifies, lists and explains the levers to be activated to initiate this transformation at the very heart of the company with all its stakeholders. 

From the road map to the alignment of the vision to the levers, "Accelerating the decarbonization of the energy sector" is a synthesis of the Group's approach.  

More about ENGIE Impact 

With 18 offices around the world and headquarters in New York, ENGIE Impact serves 1,000 customers, including 25% of the Fortune 500, representing more than one million sites worldwide.