Energy transition: why is digital technology a vital factor?

By ENGIE - 02 December 2021 - 10:13



Using digital technology to manage renewables

ENGIE's goal is to step up the energy transition to achieve net zero carbon. Digital technology plays a vital role in this challenge by providing software and data analysis tools. Without software, for example, it is impossible to manage renewable energy intermittency. Which is why in 2020 we launched the Darwin solution, which collects technical data from 17.5 GW of our wind and solar renewable electricity production capacity. The aim is to supply this data to the teams managing our production in real time, mainly to help them understand the causes of machine downtime, carry out repairs, and prevent breakdown. Artificial intelligence is also essential for analysing the vast quantity of data collected on our networks, and help teams carry out maintenance operations. 


"Software is what keeps the renewable energy sector functioning, as it manages all aspects from construction and operations to shutdown. To make the right decisions, our operators and managers need well-processed data, starting with meteorological data. ” 
Yves le Gélard, Chief Digital Officer at ENGIE


Using artificial intelligence to enhance electricity production

Gérard Guinamand, Chief Data Officer at ENGIE, explains how artificial intelligence helps enhance electricity production from renewable energy sources and offset s intermittency using special algorithms. Operators can then make appropriate decisions regarding storage, use and injection in the network.


Ellipse platform: monitoring decarbonisation

Now let's look at Ellipse, launched in September 2021. Our clients rely on us to provide solutions to help them achieve their zero carbon trajectory. With Ellipse, we offer a decarbonisation management tool. Companies, institutions, public authorities, etc. can now measure their carbon emissions with precision, design decarbonisation strategies, monitor and manage their progress, and optimise their investments. Designed to be integrated in existing digital ecosystems, ENGIE's platform is the most efficient and comprehensive tool currently on the market and has been chosen by multinational corporations.


Digital technology in our business activities & Business Units

While digital technology's role is of particular concern to our "Renewables" Business Unit, it is also of growing importance in our other activities. For example, it plays a key role in our "Thermal", "Client Solutions" and "Networks" Business Units, particularly with regards to energy efficiency - a major factor in decarbonisation, which our new Ellipse platform can analyse, control and optimise for all our clients.


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