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December 8th


ENGIE has been active in the Gulf region for over 30 years

COP28 continues in Dubai, home to ENGIE's Asia Middle East and Africa (AMEA) headquarters. The Group has a lot of experience in the region spanning several decades. It operates 19 water desalination plants and a combined capacity of 30 gigawatts of power generation – with attractive prospects in low-carbon hydrogen production.

➡️ Explanations from Tomaz Guadagnin, ENGIE's new CEO for the Gulf countries

December 5th



ENGIE innovation wins award at COP28

The Group is one of the 39 winners of the COP28 Energy Transition Changemakers initiative, which rewards innovative projects that can be implemented on a large scale. The award is related to the renewable fuels production platform we are developing in Le Havre with shipping group CMA CGM and airline Air-France KLM. In this French port city on the English channel, ENGIE is developing a biomethane production unit based on the pyrogasification of wood waste and solid recovered fuels, as well as a synthetic fuel production unit based on the combination of renewable hydrogen and CO2 from the biomethane unit and other manufacturers in the region. 

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ENGIE Impact releases its 2024 Net Zero Report

ENGIE Impact, the ENGIE entity specialized in providing decarbonization advice to major economic players, has just issued the 4th edition of its Net Zero Report which explores the state of global decarbonization progress. Based on surveys of 500+ corporate sustainability decision-makers, it highlights the main hurdles to making and meeting decarbonization commitments – including the lack of resources, skillsets and data. The report also provides insights for companies to succeed their net zero carbon journey.  

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December 4th


Claire Waysand


The key role of women leaders against global warming 

Alongside Princess Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan, the chairman and CEO of UICCA (UAE Independent Climate Change Accelerators), and Kate Brand, Global Head of Sustainability at Google, Claire Waysand took part in a roundtable on women and climate change. "Gender diversity in business is essential, not least to instill new leadership," she said. She recalled ENGIE’s ambitious target to reach 40 to 60% female managers within the Group by 2030. 

December 1st



Record attendance at COP 28  

80,000 participants registered for this 28th edition of the Conference of the Parties, which records twice as many accreditations as COP27. According to organizers, 400,000 people applied for a "day pass" and access to the "Green Zone", an area dedicated to innovation and business on the World Expo 2020 site. 


"It must be clear that the energy transition is possible, desirable and necessary.


Catherine MacGregor, ENGIE's CEO

In an interview with French daily newspaper Le Figaro, Catherine MacGregor, CEO of ENGIE , shares her "positive, voluntarist, but not naïve" vision of the transition. She encourages States to be ambitious for this COP 28. "It must be clear that the energy transition is possible, desirable, necessary. If we don't implement it, we will be 3 degrees further away", she asserted. She also pointed out the positive outcome of the transition. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), it will create 17 million jobs worldwide by 2030.

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“Affordability is key”: An interview of Catherine MacGregor on Bloomberg TV 

On this interview for Bloomberg, ENGIE's CEO insists on the social aspects of the energy transition. The energy system must be “not just low carbon, but also resilient and affordable”. Catherine MacGregor underlines the prospects of BarMar, a vast hydrogen transport corridor that will link France, Spain and maybe Germany. The Group has been present for two decades in Gulf countries where it has power and water units, as well as energy efficiency assets like district cooling. 

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Catherine MacGregor made the closing remarks at the Climate Philanthropy Forum panel “Tackling Greenwashing and Greenhushing” 

ENGIE’s CEO conveyed the following message : "The best way to hold business accountable is to verify that our sustainable goals are truly aligned with how we create value. Otherwise, we will do greenwashing. Indeed, we are a business, a company, not an NGO. We are not here to be uncompetitive and to lose money, we need to be economically sustainable (…) It is hard work, but if you want to avoid greenwashing, you need a strong alignment between the CEO and the CFO". 

November 30th


The carbon footprint of companies

The carbon footprint of companies is one of the key topics at COP28. But what exactly are we talking about? Find out the explanantion from Clément Tremblay, ENGIE’s Group Climate Manager. 

Transition is not degrowth

"Transition is not degrowth. On the contrary, it represents a new form of growth - more inclusive, more shared, more responsible!" Catherine MacGregor stated on the eve of COP28.  

ENGIE's vision of transition is based on five fundamental principles. Find them out below. 

COP28: For a positive vision of the energy transition 

Why is ENGIE at COP28? What is the Group’s vision ? What about its own carbon footprint?  
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