ENGIE is fully committed to promoting women in STEM fields worldwide!

By ENGIE - 12 February 2024 - 17:16

Supporting talented young women in STEM fields and investing in their professional development is essential if we are to meet the technological and scientific challenges of today and tomorrow. That's why ENGIE, true to its commitments and values, is taking concrete action! 


  • In France, in partnership with the association "Elles bougent!", 181 female mentors are sharing their passion and guiding young women towards scientific and technical careers. 

  • In Brazil, an ambitious program is boosting the career paths of women in the renewable energy sector, offering mentoring and specific training, with 548 women already on board. 

  • In Peru, the "BECAS ENGIE: + Mujeres en Energia" project is providing financial support for over 100 brilliant female STEM students. 

  • In Saudi Arabia, ENGIE is promoting the integration of women into technical professions and offering leadership opportunities, with 15 women selected for a 3-year training course from over 4,000 applicants. 

These actions clearly demonstrate ENGIE's strong commitment to gender equality and the development of female talent in scientific and technical fields.



France – Elles bougent ! 

ENGIE is a partner of the "Elles bougent!" association, whose aim is to attract young women from secondary schools and colleges to scientific, technical, technological and engineering subjects and careers through the work of female mentors. Today, ENGIE has 181 committed female mentors who go out to meet them, share and pass on their passion for their profession and help them along the way.


Brazil – Women's professional development path

This programme sets out to give impetus to women's careers in technical professions (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at various junctures throughout their lives. Although it only began in 2021, 548 women have already benefited from the programme. With nearly 3000 registrations and 13 candidates carefully selected and then coached and mentored by our teams, ENGIE gets a major competitive advantage by investing in talented women of the future.


Peru - BECAS ENGIE : + Mujeres en Energia

“BECAS ENGIE: + Mujeres en Energia” is a project designed to support women who are academic highflyers and who also have significant financial needs. ENGIE provides them with financial support and enables them to continue their high-level studies on pathways in STEM subjects. It tracks them until they take on their first job in the energy sector. Either at ENGIE or elsewhere! To date, more than 100 women have benefited from the programme.


Saudi Arabia – Promoting Women in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s very first initiative to get young women into technical jobs! This project is aimed at increasing female representation in STEM roles and providing them with increasing levels of managerial responsibility on major projects. And it has been successful from the outset: more than 4000 applications submitted for the 15 women selected. They are now on a three-year training programme, and the next cohorts are in the process of being recruited.