ENGIE at Viva Technology - Innovation, digitalization, and talent driving the energy transition

By ENGIE - 21 May 2024 - 19:16

ENGIE was again present at Viva Technology, Europe's leading event for new technologies and startups, held in Paris from May 22nd-25th. This event was a great opportunity for the Group to showcase its innovative and digital projects that help employees and partners drive decarbonization. Take a look at the best of in video !


VivaTech provides an excellent platform to demonstrate ENGIE's ability to innovate and integrate digital technology into developing decarbonization solutions. Our 97,300 employees are motivated by our positive vision of the energy transition and our goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045. Innovation and digitalization are key drivers in achieving this.

ENGIE leverages digital technology, particularly artificial intelligence, as an accelerator of the transition. We have been using AI for years to optimize our activities, from managing wind and solar farms to predictive maintenance of our systems. Now, we are adopting generative AI to deploy new innovative offers. Our employees can also explore this emerging field through training and events, such as hackathons which signal a true cultural shift. 


But why VivaTech?

It is a global event that attracts investors, tech and energy specialists, partners, clients, journalists, and the general public. It’s a fantastic platform for the startups we incubate and an opportunity to recruit the talent we need to accelerate our transformation.

With ENGIE’s 600 researchers, a 135-million-euro budget for our ENGIE Research & Innovation entity, four laboratories in Europe and Asia, an investment fund dedicated to innovative startups, incubation programs, and research partnerships with world-renowned centers like the CEA, a French research organization specializing in low-carbon energy and digital technology, innovation is without a doubt part of ENGIE's DNA. 

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A dedicated area for candidates at the ENGIE stand

ENGIE has set up a dedicated recruitment space that will be open all four days of the event. 


Do you want to make a positive impact and make a real difference within an engaged community? experience a fulfilling professional journey and discover the careers that will shape the world of tomorrow? 
Why not become a "Transition Maker" by joining ENGIE's 97,300 employees in 31 countries?

We are currently offering 3,500 jobs that you can find on engie.com/job. These include 830 opportunities in digital, data, IT, research, and engineering.  

A confidential and friendly space has been specially dedicated for interviews. 

Curious minds also had the opportunity to explore virtual reality training developed by the startup Uptale in collaboration with ENGIE University and ENGIE Solutions!

>> Join us and embark on the adventure of the century <<


Innovative solutions at the ENGIE stand 

This year, no less than 22 innovative solutions were presented at the ENGIE VivaTech stand. These solutions will cover five themes: renewable energy (which accounted for 41% of our energy mix in 2023), decarbonizing our clients, flexibility of electrical systems, sustainable mobility, and societal actions. These projects are all developed by our employees and partner entrepreneurs.


Innovation to: Make renewable energy even more efficient

New technologies helping to advance solar, wind, hydroelectricity, and renewable gases.


Innovation to: Help our clients decarbonize their activities

Solutions for industries, buildings, and communities aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.


Innovation to: Provide flexibility to the electrical system

Digital technology and batteries enhance flexibility, essential for supporting the growth of intermittent energies (solar, wind).


Innovation to: Create the mobility of tomorrow

ENGIE and its partners are working on new, less carbon-intensive fuels.


Innovation to: Have a positive impact on the planet

ENGIE is working towards an affordable and desirable energy transition that leaves no one behind.