ENGIE committed to equality at work between women and men

By ENGIE - 08 March 2024 - 15:04

At ENGIE, our commitment to gender equality is genuine. We are actively engaged in tackling gender inequalities across our company and in society more widely. This approach is firmly rooted in our actions and in our concrete initiatives, reasserting our desire to change practices and people's mentalities. We have adopted an ambitious policy, the results of which have been transparently presented in our non-financial indicators since 2011.


A policy promoting equality at work between men and women and bold salary commitments

Our Fifty-Fifty programme embodies our aim of achieving mixed gender representation in our management by 2030 – we want women to account for at least 40% of our managers. This programme coordinates our efforts across six key areas: structuring and coordination, costed analysis, policy and practice review, awareness-raising and communication, training for our employees, and external partnerships and alliances. It sets out to eliminate obstacles that can hinder women's careers in our company, and to create a culture that is genuinely inclusive for everyone: women and men.


Our commitment is bearing fruit, in 2023:

  • 31.2% of our executives were women
  • 35.6% of executives recruited were women
  • The wage gap between women and men was less than 2% 
  • 2nd ranking CAC 40 company in terms of percentage of women 
  • 3rd ranking SBF120 company in terms of executive body feminization


We don’t just talk about change, we make it happen!

Examples of representative actions rolled out across the Group (non-exhaustive list)


Brazil – Women's professional development path

This programme sets out to give impetus to women's careers in technical professions (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at various junctures throughout their lives. Although it only began in 2021, 548 women have already benefited from the programme. With nearly 3000 registrations and 13 candidates carefully selected and then coached and mentored by our teams, ENGIE gets a major competitive advantage by investing in talented women of the future.


Brazil – Integrating all women as closely to our sites as possible

This programme is aimed at Brazilian women with significant financial needs. It is designed to help them get back their independence, generate a stable and sufficient income and provide them with physical safety. It has been running since 2020 and has already helped more than 200 women across 13 States. It has seen more than 25,000 women attend events and conferences.


Peru – BECAS ENGIE: + Mujeres en Energia

“BECAS ENGIE: + Mujeres en Energia” is a project designed to support women who are academic highflyers and who also have significant financial needs. ENGIE provides them with financial support and enables them to continue their high-level studies on pathways in STEM subjects. It tracks them until they take on their first job in the energy sector. Either at ENGIE or elsewhere! To date, more than 100 women have benefited from the programme.


North America – Develop a recruitment experience that is appropriate for women!

Our teams in the US have focused their efforts on creating a pool of women candidates, and on one sensitive area in particular: the whole recruitment experience for women. By setting up two strategic partnerships and introducing new processes (having a mixed panel at interviews, for example), the team has succeeded in attracting and recruiting new women who were previously disappointed by their recruitment process. A bet that has paid off and an initiative that has already been copied by our other entities throughout the world.


Saudi Arabia – Promoting Women in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s very first initiative to get young women into technical jobs! This project is aimed at increasing female representation in STEM roles and providing them with increasing levels of managerial responsibility on major projects. And it has been successful from the outset: more than 4000 applications submitted for the 15 women selected. They are now on a three-year training programme, and the next cohorts are in the process of being recruited.


Belgium – Increase female representation in management positions in the nuclear sector

An in-depth analysis of talent management processes to encourage internal mobility for women towards management positions, with one clear aim: have women account for 50% of the management teams at nuclear sites by 2024!


France – Gender diversity in energy

ENGIE Solutions, our largest French entity, is bolstering its commitment to promoting gender diversity by introducing new diversified recruitment processes. People in situations of job insecurity are found and trained, and given bespoke support. Aim: help them get a qualification and a stable, long-term job. The initiative was launched in 2020 and is already yielding encouraging results.


In France, ENGIE’s FAPE initiative and the ENGIE Foundation support associations that help women who have been out of work for a long time:

  • Mamans cuisinières du Monde (mothers from all over the world who cook) in Toulon, Centre Départemental pour l'Insertion Sociale (regional centre for social integration) (
  • Solidarités Nouvelles face au chômage (new inclusivity in the face of unemployment), Solidarités nouvelles face au chômage (SNC)
  • ADIE, Clermont-Fd (63),
  • L'Atelière, Payzac (07),
  • Fleurs de Cocagne, Le chemin des fleurs (the flower path)Le Chemin des Fleurs | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree
  • la Maison des Femmes (The women's house)


These various initiatives are evidence of our global commitment to gender equality in the workplace, and of our desire to evolve our corporate culture. Each action bolsters our firmly held belief: diversity encourages innovation and improves our performance, bringing together both our company and society more widely to create a fairer, more inclusive future.