First turbines of the Moray West offshore wind farm have just been installed!

By ENGIE - 29 April 2024 - 15:41

Moray West is the “little” brother of Moray East, ENGIE’s first offshore wind farm (commissioned in 2022). Both have been built by Ocean Winds, ENGIE’s 50/50 joint venture with EDPR.

April 22 is a milestone in parc construction timeline: the achievement of the installation of the 60th wind turbine.

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But before installing turbines, do you know what kind of long preparation work is necessary? If words such as monopiles and transition pieces are unknown to you, take a look at our report on the construction site of the Moray West offshore wind farm:

With a capacity of 882 MW, Moray West will be able to power 1.33 million homes – 50% of Scotland’s energy needs - and will create long-term jobs for its monitoring from the Operations & Maintenance center. It will also contribute to United Kingdom’s target of meeting one third of its electricity requirements from offshore wind by 2030.


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