A look back at the highlights of the 2022 Conference of Paris

By ENGIE - 13 January 2023 - 16:54

A bridge between Europe and the Americas, the Conference of Paris – International Economic Forum of the Americas took place on 15 and 16 December 2022 at the OECD in Paris. ENGIE, a premium partner at the event, was represented by Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of the Board ENGIE, Claire Waysand, EVP in charge of Corporate Secretariat, Cécile Prévieu, EVP in charge of Energy Solutions activities, Biljana Kaitovic, EVP in charge of Digital and Information Systems and Didier Holleaux, EVP, alongside 70 speakers and 12,000 participants. We take a look at the highlights from the replays.


Find out the best of Conference of Paris

How, in the context of the post-Covid world and the energy crisis, can we restore trust in supply chains, set out a new type of economy, reinvent business models, reposition Europe within global governance, or address the challenge of new mobility solutions? All of these questions – and more – were discussed over two days of debates and meetings on 15 and 16 December at the OECD in Paris.


Find out more about some of the most memorable moments from ENGIE speakers:

  • At the opening session, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu set out the main focus of the discussions to come: “Energy availability and sovereignty have become top priorities for Europe. (…). The crisis that we are experiencing must, more than ever, allow us to accelerate the energy transition for more resilience, for more local energy, and to decarbonise our economy”.
    >> Replay of the inaugural session with Jean-Pierre Clamadieu here (9:52 to 20:30) <<


  • During “Le Grand Moment”, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu highlighted the importance of reforming the energy market: “We must find a response that not only secures but also strengthens the European energy market – this is absolutely crucial for the European project as a whole!”
    >> Watch the full discussion here <<


  • At the “Tech and Climate” panel, Biljana Kaitovic drew attention to the shape our energy needs will take by 2050: “these needs will grow by 50%, in particular with the growth of digital. Collecting and analysing data will help to better anticipate and manage the production of renewable energy.”
    >> Watch the full discussion here <<


  • For Claire Waysand, while Europe is at the cutting edge in terms of decarbonisation, it must remedy its energy price problem by “accelerating its energy transition”. And to bring this transition to the necessary speed, “we should take inspiration from the pragmatic attitude of the USA.”
    >> Watch the full discussion here <<


  • Cécile Prévieu gave an overview of the fuels developed by ENGIE for green mobility, including for the land, sea and even air transport sectors. “Currently, 30% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transport, and so decarbonizing mobility is essential. This means electricity for light vehicles, and biogas, hydrogen and related products for heavy mobility such as air and sea transport.”
    >> Watch the full discussion here <<


  • Didier Holleaux pointed out the “interrelation between the electricity crisis and the gas crisis”. He also noted that “renewable gas is a large part of the solution to ensure Europe’s security of supply, particularly as a replacement for Russian gas”. 
    >> Watch the full discussion here <<



A Masterclass programme that was highly appreciated by students: on the margins of the Conference, ENGIE also held dedicated Masterclasses aimed at students. Frédéric Legrand, chief of staff to Edouard Sauvage, and Laurence Guerre, chief of staff to Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, spoke on the topic of “The Role of a Chief of Staff within a CAC40 Group”; Charlotte Roule, Group Strategy Vice President, discussed the question of “Will the acceleration of renewable energy worldwide enable us to achieve NZC by 2050?”; and Clément Tremblay, Group Climate Officer, gave a presentation on “Creating a climate roadmap: a case study from the ENGIE Group”.