"Energy up above, down below"

By ENGIE - 27 May 2021 - 14:09

For the fourth year in a row, ENGIE and the scientific Pour La Science journal partner up again and invite you to discover the special booklet of the April issue devoted to some of our group research areas.


This new issue, entitled Energy up above, down below, presents the need to innovate beyond our surface activities on land and to do so, to go further or higher, to fetch energy from high altitudes, from great depths and to explore the terra incognita of the most forward-looking technological solutions.


“Going deeper or going higher will require more innovation, but it will also unlock new potential. New frontiers demand more technical excellence from us, but also hold some of the solutions we need," is the message from Michael Webber, director of science and technology.


The role of our R&D is to support the emergence of these technologies and to contribute with all stakeholders, including the world of start-ups and incubators, to the expected environmental and societal benefits.

It is from a more original and exploratory angle that we are approaching the challenges and prospects of these technologies, some of which are already mature, others which are highly innovative or even emerging, and their impacts, in line with ENGIE's ambitions of Net Zero Carbon by 2045 and sustainability.

This booklet has been prepared and coordinated by ENGIE's research department, in collaboration with the research teams of ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, ENGIE Lab Laborelec, the strategic innovation and disruption department, Storengy, ENGIE Green, ENGIE Solutions, ENGIE Generation Europe, and with the Brand and Communication Department.


We invite you to discover all these innovations!