BASF and ENGIE signed a long term Biomethane Purchase Agreement in Europe

By ENGIE - 05 July 2024 - 12:02

This 7-year Biomethane Purchase Agreement (BPA) will supply BASF with 2.7 to 2.9 terawatt hours of biomethane.


Biomethane as a substitute for fossil raw materials

BASF uses certified biomethane at its Ludwigshafen/Germany and Antwerp/Belgium sites as a sustainable alternative to fossil raw materials in its manufacturing process. 
This renewable gas produced through the fermentation of organic waste from households, agriculture, or industry, significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


BASF path to zero Product Carbon Footprints

BASF aims to further expands its product portfolio by offering products with lower or zero Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) to its customers across industries like automotive, detergents, textiles and woodworking. 
The approach supports the company’s sustainability transformation by reducing its carbon footprint.


ENGIE, biomethane producer

To support Europe’s ambition to produce 35 billion m3 by 2030; ENGIE continues its trajectory with a biomethane portfolio steadily growing.
This new deal sets the Group on the right path to achieve its ambition to sell 30 terawatt hours of biomethane per year by 2030.