ENGIE employees in support of students!

By ENGIE - 28 July 2021 - 10:25

In the context of the pandemic, ENGIE employees have chosen to provide support to students, a group that was particularly affected. These are generous actions with real impacts!


Due to the health crisis and repeated lockdowns, many students were unable to work to finance their studies, accommodations and meals, and experienced a period of considerable financial hardship. Aware of the situation, ENGIE employees decided to take action by providing financial aid. Since April and until the end of the year, the donations - which are matched by ENGIE - are put to use in very concrete ways.


Several initiatives

For example, the Group joined forces with universities, university associations and foundations to set up local initiatives: cash donations to universities and university associations, food aid via participating grocery shops which allowed to distribute more than 30,000 meal baskets, the purchase of about a hundred computers for students in financial difficulty, the distribution of 1,000 financial aid vouchers worth 20 euros, etc. In parallel, ENGIE called on the network of professional integration caterers, La Table de Cana, with whom FAPE ENGIE (Fondation Agir pour l’Emploi, a foundation for employment and the fight against poverty) has been working for several years, to organise the distribution of more than 15,000 meals, thus making it possible to finance 315 days of integration.
These various actions reflect the supportive and generous response to the urgent situation in which many students find themselves.


This operation underlines the commitment shown by our employees towards students, a group that was highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.Through this socially responsible action, the Group stays true to its corporate purpose.
Claire Waysand, Executive Vice-President in charge of the General Secretariat, Strategy, Research & Innovation and Communication at ENGIE

The last meal distribution that you offered students (…) was an absolute success.Turnout was great due to exams and the good weather over the last few days, making it possible to help a maximum number of students. A big thank you to all who took part in this wonderful social initiative.
Amélie Douzil, Student Services, Gustave-Eiffel University, Champs-sur-Marn

Thank you very much for this beautiful philanthropic gesture to support our students, which was also made possible thanks to your employees!
Thomas Heckel, Deputy CEO of Fondation Université de Strasbourg