French people, renewables and the protection of biodiversity

By ENGIE - 08 June 2021 - 15:07

Committed to the total decarbonisation of its activities by 2045, ENGIE remains just as determined to protect the environment in the context of its activities. Renewable energies are an essential lever in this ambition for the climate and biodiversity - and the people of France have understood this.



ENGIE’s commitment to “Act for Nature”

This survey, which was conducted for the International Day for Biological Diversity, is encouraging: The French people are concerned with the protection of biodiversity and see it as compatible with the development of renewables! After all, the energy transition and the protection of biodiversity go hand in hand. For more than ten years, ENGIE has endeavoured to protect natural ecosystems, particularly since 2018, through our involvement in the “Act4nature” programme, and since April 2021, through our commitment to “Act4nature International”*: concerning this matter, the Group has revamped its efforts for the coming decade, with objectives that apply to all of its activities in France and internationally. 

Let’s take a closer look at our actions on the field: in the following videos, discover how ENGIE, the French leader in wind and solar energy and a major player in hydroelectricity, is integrating the protection of biodiversity in the development and operation of its renewable energy projects. A look at fish ladders on dams; beehives, toad ponds and lizard nests on solar farms; agroforestry around onshore wind farms; fish and shellfish nurseries being tested for a future floating offshore wind farm...


Integration of environmental issues in ENGIE Green operated solar parks:

Agroforestry for biodiversity: Mont de la Grévière wind farm:

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Combining renewable energy and marine biodiversity: the EFGL pilot project:

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Aquatic ecological continuity: the actions of the SHEM in the Têt Valley:

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ENGIE x Act4Nature: accelerating the preservation of biodiversity

ENGIE and biodiversity



* “Act4nature”: 2018 initiative by the Entreprises pour l’Environnement (businesses for the environment) and numerous partners. Its objective is to mobilise businesses on their direct and indirect impacts, their dependencies as well as their possibilities of actions that could have a positive impact on the environment. More information