Team ENGIE gets a generous confidence boost

By ENGIE - 14 May 2024 - 15:34


Bronze medal for Axel Mazella in Hyères


Axel Mazella - ©Instagram.AxelMazella


French Olympic Week took place at the end of April in Hyères, and was an opportunity for Axel Mazella, selected to represent France in kitesurfing, to distinguish himself yet again. Following on from his European Championship title, he took third place in the event – a real confidence booster for this summer!

Final stage before shining in Marseille – the World Championships in Hyères, 11 to 19 May.

Elodie Clouvel – focused on qualifying

Elodie Clouvel - ©UIPM.NunoGonçalves


Elodie Clouvel has one target in her sights in this very special year: qualifying for this summer. The only way for her to do this is to score points in each heat of the World Cup.

In mid-April, during the second heat of the World Cup in Ankara (Turkey) Elodie was hit by bad luck and ended up not qualifying for the finals – as a result of her pistol misfiring. A week later, armed with a new pistol, Elodie headed for the third heat of the World Cup in Budapest (Hungary) and finished seventh! A similar scenario, but tainted with more disappointment for the fourth heat of the World Cup in Sofia (Bulgaria). Elodie started off with fencing: she finished in first place, winning 26 of her 27 fights. Equestrian showjumping was next and she finished without a single fault. Then swimming, in which Elodie once again dominated. The Team ENGIE athlete was off to an excellent start before the fourth event: combined running and shooting, in which she finished in seventh place in this World Cup heat.

The next stage will be the World Cup finals in Ankara.


Winning serve for Fabien Lamirault

Gold medal this Friday for Fabien Lamirault in the Feel Slovenia Para Tennis Open Thermana Laško! Next competition for this Team ENGIE athlete: the French Para Tennis Championships on 18 and 19 May. 


Wilfried Happio delivers his best start-of-season performance in Doha


Wilfried Happio was on form at the Doha meet. This member of the Lille Métropole athletics club ran the 400 m hurdles in 49.10 seconds for his return to competition – the best start-of-season performance of his career. However, disappointment still awaited Wilfried Happio, who spent seven months this winter training with the 2022 world champion Alison Dos Santos. He won the race in Doha in an astonishing time: 46.86 seconds!Wilfried Happio - ©Instagram.WilfriedHappio



Emmanuelle Mörch takes third place with the French national team

The World Team Wheelchair Tennis Cup tournament took place last week. Team ENGIE athlete Emmanuelle Mörch was in the mix alongside Pauline Déroulède, Charlotte Fairbank and Ksenia Chasteau. The French women's team ended up taking home a bronze medal. Having beaten Morocco and Thailand, the national team was knocked out in the semifinals by Holland. 


Future major Team ENGIE fixtures:

  • 11 to 19 May: World kitesurfing championships for Poema Newland and Axel Mazella (Hyères, France)
  • 18 to 19 May: French championships for Fabien Lamirault (Villepreux, France)
  • 19 to 24 May: World judo championships for Madeleine Malonga and Lka Mkheidze (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) 
  • 22 to 26 May: Finals of the World Cup for Elodie Clouvel (Ankara, Turkey)
  • 7 to 12 June: European athletics championships for Wilfried Happio (Rome, Italy)


Team ENGIE, supporting their performance, revealing their talent!


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