Relaunching Europe's energy industry

By ENGIE - 12 December 2022 - 17:57

Catherine MacGregor, CEO of ENGIE, published an article in the Journal du Dimanche dated 11/12/2022. Below are the 3 key points of this call for cooperation for an independent and carbon neutral European energy future.


1. The energy crisis highlights already inherent instabilities

The uncertainties generated by the energy crisis are impacting Europeans. They are the manifestations of an unstable energy system that is losing momentum. To overcome this, cooperation between Member States is essential: 

"While its member states have rapidly organized in mutual solidarity to respond to this emergency, as demonstrated for example by the exporting of gas from France to Germany, this cooperation must now focus its attention on the future of our energy system.”


2. The crisis poses significant energy risks for Europe

If Europe was one step ahead of other continents in terms of Energy Transition before the crisis, the latter now calls this position into question. Moreover, the Old Continent could have to rely more and more on carbon-based energy...

“Unless we up the pace in renewable energies we are risking the preservation, as it were, of an overly carbonized energy system that will jeopardize the achievement of our 2050 carbon neutrality goals.”


3. To avert these risks, ENGIE proposes three areas of improvement:

" I am convinced that it is vital to strengthen European integration and solidarity. [...] a wholesale energy market that functions according to common rules could only be beneficial.”

  • The creation of a clear framework for investors for the development of decarbonized energy.
  • Flexible production tools (batteries, increasingly decarbonized gas-fired power plants) must be developed.
  • The market must be regulated by mechanisms that protect the consumer.


Read the entire Tribune in the Journal du Dimanche