VivaTech 2022: a very lively edition at the ENGIE booth

By ENGIE - 29 June 2022 - 14:44

From the 15th to the 18th of June, ENGIE was represented at the international VivaTech trade show devoted to innovation in Paris. The Group’s booth, which showcased the positive impact of innovation when it benefits all, was well attended. Let’s look back on an inspiring 2022 edition.


To invent tomorrow’s energy and make the energy transition real, ENGIE obviously relies on innovation. The Group naturally took part in the latest edition of VivaTech, where we showcased innovations that have a positive impact on both the civil society and regions. Its 250 m² corner welcomed clients, partners, and start-up representatives to discuss solutions and technologies for renewables, including greening solutions for electricity and gas. 


Multiple Events

Throughout the four days of the trade fair, visitors were invited to participate in a unique immersive experience around various themes, such as gas and renewables, or positive impact digital technology. One of the highlights was ENGIE Group Vice-President of Research & Innovation Olivier Sala and Elodie Le Cadre Loret, Science Program Manager at ENGIE Research & Innovation, who presented a study on Emerging Sustainable Energies, which showcased natural hydrogen, metal fuels, and agrivoltaics, with a final statement from Erik Orsenna, a member of the Académie Française. Another key moment was Aurélie Jean’s presentation of her book, “Do algorithms make law?”. A Doctor of Science and entrepreneur, Ms Jean explained how algorithms can be used to develop technologies that consume less energy, such as transmitting information with light.


>> Read the report on Emerging Sustainable Technologies by ENGIE Research <<


Start-Ups in the Public Eye

Innovation is the cornerstone of start-ups. Several innovative young companies supported by the Group presented their concept. The public was able to learn about H2SITE’s solution, which optimises the transmission of hydrogen molecules.
Dataiku, the French-American unicorn, presented its data processing tools for speeding up data projects. 
Ineratec focused on its chemical micro-reactors, which transform green hydrogen and CO2 into synthetic fuels, whilst the ENGIE Lab Crigen demonstrated the importance of technology developed through the Gaya project for transforming waste into biomethane.
This particularly lively edition of VivaTech allowed many visitors to discover the richness of innovative projects supported by ENGIE and partners… We look forward to next year!


“Buzzing with energy, this edition of VivaTech gave us a chance to engage in fascinating conversations with our visitors and partners. With great energy, ENGIE and its ecosystem of start-ups are shaping a carbon-free world, relying on levers presented at the trade fair—green gases, renewable electricity, disruptive digital solutions—to push the energy transition forward.”
Olivier SALA, Vice-President of ENGIE’s Research & Innovation