VivaTech: Innovating to strengthen our acceleration in the energy transition

By Engie - 27 June 2023 - 12:54

At our 300 square meter plus booth, we showcased more than twenty solutions, offers, and startups supported by the ENGIE Group at this year's VivaTech. All these innovations amplify the potential of our unique energy mix - combining electrons and molecules - to achieve our Net Zero Carbon objective by 2045 across all our activities. 


Visitors had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies through a journey organized around five themes, each showcasing how startups stimulate our capacity for innovation. 


In order to move towards faster decarbonization and greener industry, time and cost factors are crucial in the transformation of industrial sites. Working with outdated paper plans can result in the loss of valuable months. This is where the solution developed by the French startup Samp becomes relevant: a kind of Google Earth for industrial sites. It is a technology in the form of digital twins that provides detailed site plans (such as those of Storengy), combining spatial views, 3D models, and technical data. 


In 2021, the transportation sector accounted for 37% of global CO2 emissions. Heavy mobility (maritime, aviation, etc.), in particular, needs to be decarbonized by using more sustainable energy sources. This is one of the major challenges of the energy transition. The most promising solution lies in the development of synthetic fuels (e-fuels or e-liquids). This is precisely the expertise of the German startup Ineratec, which offers modular production units that transform hydrogen derived from renewable electricity and CO2 from biomass or captured sources to produce carbon-neutral fuels such as e-methane, e-diesel, or e-kerosene. 


For lighter vehicles, the development of sustainable mobility entails expanding the charging infrastructure and optimizing its management. This is addressed by the Smatch application developed by ENGIE Laborelec, one of the Group's four R&D centers. It adjusts the charging speed of each vehicle based on the driver's available time. This feature is particularly useful for managing a company’s fleet of electric vehicles. 


Seeking better management and control of energy translates into improving the energy efficiency of industrial installations. Given the importance of this decarbonization lever, our ENGIE New Ventures investment fund, dedicated to startups, recently invested in Ndustrial based in North Carolina. Their platform offers an energy management solution for industrial sites through data collection and analysis. 


The fifth theme presented focuses on positive social impact. Notably with the French startup Green Phoenix, biowaste is collected and turned into something valuable through composting or anaerobic digestion. 


Innovation at the heart of ENGIE's organization 

In 2022 : 

  •  600 researchers - men and women 

  • 4 R&D centers 

  • €135 million invested in Research & Innovation 

  • A venture capital investment fund for innovative startups, ENGIE New Ventures: 

    • 500 startups detected annually 

    • €200 million invested since 2014 

    • 13 investments in 2022 

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