ENGIE x WE LOVE GREEN: green energies for music

By ENGIE - 02 June 2022 - 09:53

On the occasion of the 2022 edition of the French electro-pop music festival that will be held on June 2, 4 and 5 in the Bois de Vincennes in Paris, We Love Green, Aggreko and ENGIE are joining forces to produce a sustainable event mixing ever greener energies.


Through this partnership, ENGIE is participating in this conceptual laboratory, initiated by WeLoveGreen, to promote hydrogen, as a zero emission fuel already available, including in general public events. We are thus contributing to this common vision of combining innovation and technology to meet carbon neutrality objectives.

This year, WeLoveGreen will use generators powered by biofuels and solar devices: 40 solar panels, 4 energy storage batteries and B100 biofuel, made from 100% French rapeseed.


But even more innovative is the supply of renewable hydrogen that will complete this energy mix. 

For the very first time, ENGIE will ensure the delivery of 300kg of renewable hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of water from renewable energy, to supply energy to one of the festival's stages.

This hydrogen solution, which makes possible to reach almost zero CO2 emissions, will avoid more than two tons of CO2, in comparison with the traditional diesel solution. Hydrogen will then be converted into electricity by Aggreko to ensure the sound system and the lighting of the stage.

Two generators, one equipped with an engine adapted to run on 100% hydrogen will power the sound system, and the second one equipped with a 20 kW fuel cell will power the lights.


This initiative to develop green energies illustrates our ambition to accelerate the energy transition. It is part of an innovative approach, in collaboration with WeLoveGreen, to reduce the festival carbon footprint.