Women's tennis celebrated in regions with the ENGIE OPEN tournaments

By ENGIE - 10 July 2023 - 15:18

In June last month, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region hosted two ITF women's tennis tournaments: the Biarritz Basque Country ENGIE OPEN and the Périgord ENGIE OPEN..


Biarritz Basque Country ENGIE OPEN
Biarritz Basque Country ENGIE OPEN



Both of these tournaments were opportunities for young French hopefuls to try their serves on clay. Diane Parry, Fiona Ferro, Selena Janicijevic, Margaux Rouvroy and Tessah Andrianjafitrimo were among those competing. 
Many children from the “Fête le Mur” charity were invited by ENGIE to come and play tennis on the tournaments’ courts. Thanks to support from the ENGIE Foundation, both ENGIE OPEN tournaments got to welcome beneficiaries from Fête le Mur centres in Bordeaux (Gironde) and Boulazac. 

opération "En avant les filles"

The Biarritz ENGIE OPEN also invited around forty young girls as part of the “En avant les filles” (Forwards, girls) campaign supported by the ENGIE Foundation. The initiative provided young girls just starting their tennis careers with the opportunity to train on the tournament's courts.


Congratulations to Frenchwoman Fiona Ferro for winning the Biarritz ENGIE OPEN, and to Norwegian Malene Helgo, who triumphed at the Périgord ENGIE OPEN!

The Biarritz ENGIE OPEN and the Périgord ENGIE OPEN are two of the 13 tournaments that ENGIE is supporting in 2023. ENGIE is proud to have been actively supporting women's tennis throughout the country for 31 years.