Influence Policy

In terms of lobbying, and in line with its CSR Policy, the Group intends to defend its positions and actively contribute to debates in society, public decision-making, and regulations, as part of a constructive dialogue with public authorities and in partnership with its peers.


By applying its Practical Ethics Guide, ENGIE condemns influence peddling and corruption in all its forms. We will never fund political activities, including in countries where these donations are legally allowed.


We will uphold internationally agreed human rights in all of our relations with public authorities.


The Group exerts its influence, specifically in France and at European Union level, by joining professional associations in the energy sector that help it develop its positions by talking with its peers.


The Group adheres to the following main associations: UFE (French Union of Electricity), AFG (French Gas Association), UPRIGAZ (Professional Union of Private Gas Industries), the Cercle de l'Industrie, AFEP (French Association of Private Enterprises). 


AECA (European Community Association), Bettercoal, Business Europe, COGEN (European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration), EASE (European Association for Storage of Energy), EASEE GAS , EEF (European Energy Forum), European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET), European Electrotechnical Energy Efficiency Services (ERTE), Eurelectric, EUROGAS, Euroheat and Power, GERG, GIE, Hydrogen Europe, NGVA, Sustainable Solar Biomass Partnership (SBP), Solar Power Europe. The total membership amount of these adhesions amounts to approximately M€ 2.3 in 2019.


The Group discloses this information both on the European and French registers: