Influence Policy

In terms of lobbying, and in line with its CSR Policy, the Group intends to defend its positions and actively contribute to debates in society, public decision-making, and regulations, as part of a constructive dialogue with public authorities and in partnership with its peers.


By applying its Practical Ethics Guide, ENGIE condemns influence peddling and corruption in all its forms. We will never fund political activities, including in countries where these donations are legally allowed.
We will uphold internationally agreed human rights in all of our relations with public authorities.
The Group exerts its influence, specifically in France and at European Union level, by

  • joining professional associations in the energy sector that help it develop its positions by talking with its peers and
  • direct lobbying with public officials and administration to influence regulations in the energy.


Professional Associations

The Group adheres, through ENGIE SA, to the following main associations: UFE (French Union of Electricity), AFG (French Gas Association), UPRIGAZ (Professional Union of Private Gas Industries), the Cercle de l'Industrie, AFEP (French Association of Private Enterprises), AECA (European Community Association, Business Europe, COGEN Europe (European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration), EEF (European Energy Forum), EUROGAS, Institute Jacques Delors, Friends of Europe, ERT, Solar Power, EURACTIV, Institute Montaigne.

The total membership amount of these adhesions for ENGIE SA amounts to approximately M€ 1.6 in 2022.

Lobbying activities

ENGIE SA, discloses this information both on the European and French registers:

The activities at European level for ENGIE SA in 2022 for both lobbying, interest representation and trade association amounted to a range of 2,000,000 € to 2,249,999 €, as per European Transparency Register classification.
For the French perimeter, the total 2022 amount spent by ENGIE SA was in the range 1,000,000 € to 1,250,000 €, as declared to the French HATVP.
ENGIE Energie Services, Storengy SAS, Storengy France, Elengy and EDT, which are ENGIE SA subsidiaries and carry out their own lobbying activities in France, proceed with their own statement to the French HATVP. 



Lobbying,interest representation or similar
ENGIE SA in France990[1,000-1,250][1,000-1,250]
ENGIE Subsidiaries France[1,000-1,500][1,000-1,500][1,000-1,500]
ENGIE SA in Europe *[1,650-1,900][2,000-2,250][2,000-2,250]
Local, regional or national political campaigns
ENGIE Group000
Trade associations or tax-exempt groups (e.g. think tanks):
ENGIE SA for France and Europe1 4591,4881,562
Other (e.g. spending related to ballot measures or referendums)
ENGIE Group000

* calculated according to European Union Commission requirements 


Concerning climate issues, a summary of ENGIE's commitment policy is provided in the attached document.

In addition, the Group  ensures that its participation in trade associations is consistent with its climate policy and in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The valuation of its holdings is the subject of a report: