ENGIE sponsors the French Open

By ENGIE - 14 January 2020 - 17:09

Up close with the French Open! For the eighth year running, ENGIE is sponsoring the French Open as the French Tennis Federation’s special Energy and Sustainability partner, working hard to make the French Open a modal event in terms of eco-responsibility.



From 30 May to 13 June 2021, ENGIE will honour this partnership by demonstrating its expertise in 100% green energy supply, innovation, sustainable development and through charitable initiatives supported by the ENGIE Foundation. Get daily updates on the tournament on Tennis Au Féminin by ENGIE.


ENGIE, is the French Open's official supplier of green electricity and energy services

As a global leader in low-carbon energy and services, ENGIE is helping the French Tennis Federation reduce its carbon footprint and improve the energy efficiency of facilities at Roland Garros. Since 2015, ENGIE has supplied the stadium’s 100% renewable green energy through the ENGIE offer of green electricity for businesses and local authorities, an offer that has already been adopted by more than 48,000 businesses and local authorities in France. It guarantees that the Federation’s facilities (Roland-Garros stadium, Porte Molitor National Training Centre and Jean-Bouin stadium) are supplied with electricity with a 100% renewable Guarantee of Origin, principally from hydro and solar production.


Since 2011, ENGIE Solutions has been providing maintenance services for the technical facilities at Roland-Garros, including the management of air conditioning, ventilation and self-cooling systems. During the tournament, teams from ENGIE are doubled up and will be on site 24/7 to ensure the comfort of competitors and spectators alike.


The French Open is an opportunity for ENGIE to demonstrate its commitment to creating a more harmonious world.


Solutions for Charging Smartphones

bornes de rechargement fixes

The average length of time spectators spend at the Roland-Garros stadium is over eight hours. So that visitors can stay connected throughout their entire day at the French Open, ENGIE provides two solutions:


Firstly, there are about 20 fixed charging terminals for smartphones inside the stadium. Six of these are solar-powered. The terminals sport the ENGIE colours, reinforcing our role as a supplier of 100% renewable electricity. 


In addition to these fixed charging points, we provide visitors to the French Open with around 500 portable charging disks for smartphone (portable batteries with integrated charging cables), available from one of the many Information Desks inside the stadium.


The terminals are fitted with screens that show extracts from our recent advertising campaigns.

Excluding the health crisis, more than 33,000 smartphones were charged thanks to this service offered by ENGIE, making it the second most-used spectator service after the toilets. 

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ENGIE scores points in solar innovation at Roland Garros!

Low-carbon solar solutions developed by ENGIE and its industrial partner Heliatek (a European company specialising in the manufacture of organic photovoltaic film) are based on a production process that is among the most rapidly viable, economically efficient and easily adaptable to industrial application.
The “organic” technology provides next-generation photovoltaic film suitable for buildings with roofs that cannot be fitted with traditional solar panels, or for very light structures made out of textile, for example. It also has applications in the mobility sector, with solutions for cars and refrigerated lorries.
The solution was trialled at three points inside the stadium during the 2021 tournament:

  • The tents and awnings in the restaurant area of the Suzanne Lenglen South Wing. The energy generated by the panels was immediately available for use by the restaurants and “compacting” waste bins.
  • The two outside seating areas in the Sponsors Village. Installed on the walls in these seating areas, the solution provided easy smartphone charging through USB sockets.
  • 40 flexible solar films were installed on the roof of the new main entrance of the Roland-Garros stadium.


Green Teams


The Roland-Garros energy partner is sending Green Teams to the French Open. Their role is to help spectators discover sustainable development initiatives in an original way.


The aim is to raise spectator awareness of sustainability issues, to challenge them and encourage interaction around sustainable development, the environment and renewable energy. Due to the health crisis and the distancing rules, this service cannot be offered this year.


"Come and play at Roland-Garros!”

Journée des Enfants

For the traditional Roland-Garros Children’s Day in 2019, ENGIE offered 200 children from “Fête Le Mur”, a charity founded by Yannick Noah and supported by the ENGIE Foundation since 1999, the chance to play for a few minutes on one of the tournament’s official courts. Unfortunately, this activity cannot be offered this year due to the health crisis.


For over 20 years, the ENGIE Foundation has helped “Fête le Mur” provide priority education zones by setting up tennis courts and practice walls at apartment blocks in city estates, where young people from disadvantaged backgrounds can flourish through tennis. The organisation runs activities in over thirty disadvantaged neighbourhoods in France.


ENGIE helps the organisation develop its activities throughout France, trains promising young female players, provides vocational training scholarships, and sponsors a number of “Fête le Mur” events.