Violeta Flores, an Imaginative Builder who is there to help others

By ENGIE - 03 September 2019 - 17:56

Read the portrait of Violeta Flores, a passionate Imaginative Builder who cares about others and is contributing to the San Martin Harmony Project.


Violeta Flores is an Imaginative Builder responsible for ENGIE’s San Martin Harmony Project in Peru. This decentralized solar energy project makes access to electricity possible for many households.


To improve access to electricity in a remote area in north-east Peru at an altitude of 1,000 meters and 3 hours on foot from the nearest highway, solar panels have been installed in 68 communities. The San Martin project shows how the production of decentralized solar energy can improve the quality of life for numerous families in the region. This Harmony Project would not have been possible without the Imaginative Builders who built it.


For Violeta Flores, the San Martin Harmony Project is changing the world. Changing the world, because it is allowing the development and growth of local communities. Changing the world, because it’s motivating entrepreneurs to worry about climate disruption and to take action in favor of the environment. Changing the world, because with the help of new technologies, it’s creating positive development. 


It was because she has always known that she wanted to help the poorest people improve their living conditions that Violeta became an administrative assistant. In parallel with her professional activity, she donates her time to the Federation of Civil Construction Workers, by taking part in wage negotiations on behalf of union members, registering new members and helping draft various documents. 


She plays an important role in the ENGIE San Martin Harmony Project because she specifically handles the management of invoices and payments, the issuing of follow-up documents, stock management, etc. Her work allows her to continue developing her spirit of voluntary aid, which acts for her as a driving force: “It’s one of the parts of the job I like most!”


Before working with ENGIE, she was successively an administrative assistant in the construction and commercial sectors, a commercial accountant and head of financial operations for a cooperative.  


What makes Violeta an Imaginative Builder? When she is facing complex situations, she is able to find unexpected solutions thanks to her own experience. Meticulous (“Let’s say that I like order!”), she considers that responsibility, commitment and patience are essential qualities and she continues to cultivate them.


For Violeta, the most important things about this Harmony Project is its repercussions on a human level. This project helps bring together people from all backgrounds and with different lifestyles, generating more understanding between people, and that’s perhaps its finest quality. 


Highly ambitious, Violeta would like to set up and run a company of her own. It would be one way of putting all her skills to good use. And she could also take advantage of ENGIE’s expertise, since the Group offers to assist future intrapreneurs and help them turn their projects into reality by working alongside them.