Belgium: acquisition of the Vilvoorde site and gas-fired power plant

By ENGIE - 17 April 2020 - 09:20

Belgium - ENGIE reached an agreement with Bulgarian group EMGB on the sale of the Vilvoorde site in Belgium and its existing gas power plant. Our aim is to build a new Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plant with a capacity of 870 MW. In the future, this new gas power plant will be an essential link in ensuring the country’s security of supply.


The Vilvoorde site covers a total of 30 hectares and has housed electricity production facilities since the 1960s. We are now acquiring the existing gas power plant, adding to the land which we already owned, with the aim of building a new 870 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plant there, on condition that the Capacity Remuneration Mechanism comes into effect. The request for connection to the high-voltage grid has already been submitted to Elia (the transmission system operator (TSO) for high-voltage electricity (from 30,000 to 380,000 volts) in Belgium).

The new, latest-generation CCGT plant will meet all emission standards and achieve an efficiency of over 63%. The existing 255 MW gas power plant will continue to operate as a peaker plant until the new unit is operational.

This agreement is in line with our roup’s strategy to be leader in the zero-carbon transition.

Cedric Osterrieth, CEO of ENGIE thermal assets in Europe, says:

“ENGIE has been firmly rooted in Belgium for more than 100 years. With our local and diversified electricity production facilities, we want to play a pioneering role in the energy transition and eventually move towards 100% CO2-neutral power production. Whatever the future scenario, it will require the construction of new gas power plants, efficient, flexible and available, that will contribute to the country’s security of supply. Our project in Vilvoorde is fully in line with our local ambitions in Belgium.”

The agreement is expected to be finalised by the summer. In addition to the facilities, ENGIE will also be taking on the EMGB staff.