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Isabelle Kocher

Finding islands of profitability in an ocean of commodity

ENGIE is at the Industry Strategy Meeting of the World Economic Forum to discuss the challenges of tomorrow's world, Shankar Krishnamoorthy like to tell you more about the transformation of the energy business. He has been with the energy industry for 35 years, and explain that it has never seen it as fascinating as it has been in the past five or ten years.

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ENGIE to sell its German and Dutch coal assets and boosts the implementation of its strategy

ENGIE announces today the signing of an agreement with Riverstone Holdings LLC, a global energy-focused investment firm, for the sale of its shares in coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands and in Germany.

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Nuclear Trainees Program Junior

The Junior Nuclear Trainees Program is a one-year course of excellence to become a nuclear energy professional. It combining theoretical learning with field experience.

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ENGIE overview
Le dispositif d’alerte ENGIE

Energy services dedicated to our clients’ zero carbon transition

In the context of the energy transition toward a low-carbon economy, ENGIE is seeking to help both its private- and public-sector customers better manage the complexities of energy management. The aim is to bring down their costs, their consumption and their environmental footprint.

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ENGIE Harmony Project

ENGIE affirms its vision: going beyond energy to continue its great collective adventure towards harmonious progress. #ENGIEHarmonyProject

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Only 2 days left until The Good Day! Join the conversation about the #ZeroCarbonTransition by asking us your questi…

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On June 20th, follow us to discover today's solutions for the #ZeroCarbonTransition, by people who actually make a…

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⚡️ “#ActWithENGIE : RDV le 20 juin pour #TheGoodDay”

il y a 5 heures

ENGIE supports those who act, who are committed to a more harmonious and greener future. Thanks to its expertise in renewable energies and the digitalization ...

il y a 5 heures

ENGIE accompagne ceux qui agissent, qui s'engagent pour un avenir plus harmonieux et plus vert. Grâce à son expertise dans les énergies renouvelables et à ...

il y a 23 heures

Présentation des activités d'ENGIE dans les énergies renouvelables : premier producteur éolien, premier producteur solaire, premier producteur alternatif ...

il y a 1 jour

Les actions d’ENGIE autour de l'énergie solaire sont nombreuses ! ☀️ Connaissez-vous le simulateur Google Sunroof ?

il y a 4 jours

Savez-vous ce qu’est l’auto-consommation exactement ? 🤔 Réponse en vidéo !

il y a 4 jours

🎙[PR] ENGIE signs partnership with @fcagroup for new e-mobility solutions ⚡️ #emobility #mobility

il y a 4 jours

🎙[CP] ENGIE signe un partenariat avec @fcagroup pour fournir de nouvelles solutions de #mobilité électrique⚡️

il y a 5 jours

On ne vous garantit pas un déménagement sans galère, mais du 10 au 24 juin, si vous déménagez, on vous propose un mois d’abonnement…

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Charte de modération ENGIE

il y a 7 jours

Décryptage des marchés de l'énergie.

il y a 1 semaine

Le groupe ENGIE a supervisé à travers l'ensemble du territoire belge le plan megawatt afin de subvenir aux besoins de ce dernier en matière ...

il y a 1 semaine

ENGIE group supervised through the belgian territory the megawatt plan in order to meeting it's needs in electricity supply. It's objective is to search a capacity of ...