Why use a QR Code?

Enriched reading

ENGIE offers an enriched experience to reading documents by enabling you to access additional online information via your mobile phone or tablet. This additional information may include web pages, videos, forms, the possibility to dial a phone number directly, etc.


Making use of your smartphoneengie

Matrix barcodes like the one opposite are optical codes that provide your mobile phone or tablet with one-click access to online content to enrich your reading.

 Using a QR Code

To read the code you need a compatible phone or tablet and a dedicated application.

Is your phone or tablet compatible?

Any mobile phone can read QR Codes providing it has:

• a camera
• software (an application) for reading QR Codes, either preinstalled or downloaded (see below).
• an active internet connection (to access online content).

We recommend reading the information for each publisher by going directly to their sites.

A code-reader application

Below are some links from which you can download an appropriate application for your device, but there are many others that you can also use.

iPhone and iPad
You can search for the application of your choice on iTunes by typing the key words “qr code”.
However, the application recommended by iTunes (on Sept. 10, 2012) is:

QR code-reader software, link to the Google store:

QR code-reader software, link to the Blackberry App World:

Important reminder:

The owner of the phone is responsible for checking that the software is compatible with their phone model.
Links and names are supplied for information purposes only and ENGIE has no interest in the companies mentioned. The user is free to choose any software and is advised to read all the software conditions of use carefully.
Code-reading time can sometimes be unusually long due to many factors, the main one being the quality of data transmission coverage.

Examples of QR Codes

A QR code, taking you to www.engie.com :






A QR code, taking you to a video