On March 12, 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the ENGIE photovoltaic park at Mirzapur, as part of the French State's official visit to India, in the presence of Isabelle Kocher , ENGIE CEO,

ENGIE is committed to identifying its impacts on the environment, implementing action plans to avoid, reduce and, if necessary, compensate them while optimally managing the resources at its disposal. The environment covers multiple dimensions such as:

  • Climate change, in particular the global warming of the atmosphere and oceans but also the increase in frequency and intensity of extreme climatic events.
  • Change in the atmosphere with increased emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • The management of water resources whether it is fresh, drinkable or wastewater treatment or wastewater.
  • Biodiversity management in different environments or territories potentially impacted by our activities.
  • The management of air quality and the issues of green mobility.
  • The more general problem of intelligent management of all resources consumed and waste produced for an circular economy.