Executive pay is made up of a fixed salary, a variable percentage, and long term incentives, defined according to quantitative and qualitative performance criteria. It is similar to the practices of comparable international groups. The Appointments, Remuneration, and Governance Committee periodically reassesses and adjusts the weighting of these components, so that they are tied to ENGIE’s sustainable development strategy and commitments.

Thus, the qualitative criteria which accounts for 40% of the variable percentage paid to the CEO in 2017 can be broken down as follows:

  • Internal restructuring
  • Strategic repositioning as part of energy transition
  • Innovation and digital
  • Corporate, social, and environmental responsibility

The Group has also incorporated CSR criteria into the performance assessment of its executives. In this way, it ensures that its values (especially those for ethics and safety) are embodied in its executives, and incorporates these CSR criteria into the qualitative criteria used to set bonuses.

CSR criteria are increasingly incorporated into remuneration for all management and staff in the criteria used to set profit sharing allocations, with criteria including targeted training in health and safety accident prevention and youth employment.