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Present in 31 countries, ENGIE had 96,454 employees at the end of December 2022. The decrease in the workforce by 75,020 employees compared with 2021 was mainly due to the disposal of EQUANS (-69,970) and ENDEL (-4,745) in 2022, as planned in the Group’s strategic plan.

ENGIE Workforce 2022 – Area of activities
ENGIE Workforce 2022 - Men & Women

As of December 31, 2022, the workforce comprised 29,336 managers i.e. 30.4% of the total workforce, and 67,118 non managers, i.e. 69.6%. The proportion of managers increased slightly, by 0.2%, compared with 2021. The proportion of women in the workforce represented 29.9% of managers, increasing by 1% compared to 2021. 


Contract types and trends

At the end of December 2022, 88,241 employees were on permanent contracts, making up 91.5% of the workforce. 4,499 employees were on fixed- term contracts, i.e. 4.7% of the workforce. Furthermore, with 3,714 young people on work-study contracts, i.e. 3.9% of the workforce, ENGIE has confirmed and has maintained its commitment to young people. Work-study programs combine practice and theory. These programs are also an important source of recruitment. 

ENGIE Workforce 2022 - Contract types

Workforce by age bracket

The average age of employees on permanent contracts is 43.

ENGIE Workforce 2022 – Age bracket