External assessments and recognition

The non-financial risk management assessments of ENGIE conducted by ratings agencies provide external, independent recognition of the quality of its non-financial processes. They therefore provide additional input to the interactive dialog between the Group and certain stakeholders, such as socially responsible investors (SRIs), shareholders, customers, the media and even NGOs.

CSR Performance improvement

Because the non-financial performance of ENGIE is integral to its overall performance, it is regularly assessed by ratings agencies. Since these agencies work on the basis of their own benchmarks, their individual analyses provide different and complementary perspectives of the overall non-financial performance of the Group.

The Vigeo Eiris rating and Euronext-Vigeo Eiris indices

According to the 2016 Vigeo Eiris analysis, the CSR performance of ENGIE ranks the Group at Number 5 out of the 48 companies in the Electric & Gas Utilities sector with a score of 61/100, which is up 3 points compared to 2014 rating.

At the end of 2017, ENGIE was listed in four indices :

    • Euronext Vigeo Eiris World 120,
    • Euronext Vigeo Eiris Europe 120,
    • Euronext Vigeo Eiris Eurozone 120,
    • Vigeo Eiris France 20.

ENGIE also integrated, in 2017 the new index Vigeo Eiris CAC 40 governance.

Vigeo Eiris notation

The RobecoSAM assessment and DJSI indices

In 2017, RobecoSAM awarded an overall rating of 85/100 ranking ENGIE at Number 2 of 33 companies in the Multi Utilities and Water sector.

As a result, ENGIE is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World and Europe for its industry..

ENGIE was also awarded a Silver Class Sustainability Award. ENGIE maintained in 2017 its performance in all the categories assessed : environmental performance 2 points higher (80/100), social performance 2 points lower (93/100), economic performance steady (85/100). ENGIE achieved the highest rating (100 / 100) for its stakeholder engagement, its climate strategy and its risks and crisis management..

ROBECOSAM notation

The Oekom rating

The 2014 Oekom assessment awarded the Group its C+ rating in the Utilities sector.

The Oekom rating divides into two parts: social issues (40% of the overall assessment) for which ENGIE was rated C+, and environmental issues (60% of the assessment), which was also rated C+. Its environmental management and ability to effectively manage the challenges of diversity were among the highest rated strengths of ENGIE. Like RobecoSAM, Oekom also considers the processes defined by its policies, charters and reports as Group strengths. The programs introduced to promote access to sustainable energy in developing countries were also seen by Oekom as very positive factors in its overall assessment of ENGIE. A new Oekom rating for ENGIE is expected current 2018.

OEKOM Research notation

The Carbon Disclosure Project assessment

Every year, ENGIE completes the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) questionnaire used to rank the world’s largest market-listed companies on their understanding of the challenges posed by climate change and their performance in combating its effects.

ENGIE answers each year to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) questionnaire which interrogates and ranks the largest publicly traded companies on their understanding of the issues and their performance in terms of the fight against climate change (CDP Climat) and management of the water resource (CDP Water).

In the CDP Climat questionnaire, the Group once again obtained an A rating in 2017 (A to E scale, with A being the best score). The "A list" brings together the companies that received the highest score, i.e. 9% of the world's largest companies responding to the CDP questionnaire in 2017.

In the CDP Water questionnaire, ENGIE was rated A- in 2017

CDP Climat notation

The Sustainalytics assessment

In 2017, ENGIE received a score of 70/100 and was ranked 48th out of the 225 companies composing the Utilities sector, and improved its score by 6 points compared to 2015. The Group's performance improved particularly in the environment and governance fields.

Sustainalytics notation

The MSCI assessmentI

In 2017, ENGIE again received the A grade (on a scale from CCC to AAA).

The ECOVADIS rating

Ecovadis offers companies a platform for conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessments of their suppliers. ENGIE completes this questionnaire every year at the request of around ten of its largest customers. The rating is calculated on the basis of 21 criteria grouped into the 4 main themes of environment, social, business ethics and responsible purchasing.

In 2017, ENGIE was awarded an overall rating of 70/100 and was ranked 48th out of 225 companies, ensuring that the Group remains in the Advanced category with a Gold CSR rating

EcoVadis notation