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ENGIE x Angers Loire urban community

How to create France’s first smart region, step up its energy transition and boost its appeal?

By ENGIE - 06 April 2021 - 15:57

This is a young region, in which almost 50% of the population is under 30 years old, and an attractive one, with 15,000 businesses and 37,000 jobs created since 1990*. It is also a region that is "a good place to live", one of the greenest in France, with a rich historic heritage. Angers Loire urban community has been collecting gold stars and now wants to become "the model of a smart region, à la française". 
In practical terms, this means the urban community wants to use digital technology to step up its restraint and dynamism, to enhance the quality of its public services, and to improve all the good-life indicators of its residents, whilst making savings for the local authority.
And it is the consortium led by ENGIE, made up of a group of complementary companies including SUEZ, Groupe VYV and La Poste, all leaders in their sectors focusing on missions of public interest, which won the bid for tender to create "France’s first smart region".

ENGIE’s solution for Angers Loire urban community


The project centres on the creation of a digital twin, a true 3D replica of the area. Using this precious digital tool, project teams will create simulations enabling them to study with precision the different urban development possibilities. These simulations will also help elected officials choose the best solution. To enhance performance and service quality, the project also involves renovating existing infrastructure, installing sensors, and integrating centralised supervision. 

ENGIE is the only point of contact for the local authority, and is responsible for the energy, mobility and video protection elements of the project. We will use our LIVIN’ solution, which provides a hypervision platform that centralises all the data needed to improve public services: lighting, video protection, water and sanitation, health, green spaces, mobility, buildings, waste, etc.

We will be working in close cooperation with our three partners: SUEZ for water and waste, the mutual benefit insurance company VYV for health services and the group La Poste for data management. 


Did you know?


Whether it is to adjust street lighting according to the presence of passers-by, or to provide the local authority and its residents with real-time information on the availability of parking spaces or on accidents that have occurred, sensors installed in street furniture are what makes it all happen. Find out more here!


"Our challenge was to find an industry partner to design and build the perfect model of a smart city à la française. Our aim for this smart region project is to make our public services more efficient and less costly."  
Christophe Béchu, President of Angers Loire urban community


Key figures:

From 2025…

  • 66% less energy used for street lighting 
  • 30% less water used for watering public spaces 
  • 20% less energy used in the city’s public buildings 


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