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How to produce, store and distribute green hydrogen on an industrial scale?

By ENGIE - 16 December 2019 - 19:02

ENGIE, the Durance, Luberon, Verdon (DLVA) and Air Liquide conurbation have decided to join forces to develop the "HyGreen Provence" project, which aims to produce, store and distribute green hydrogen. 


This project is expected to produce 1,300 GWh of solar electricity, equivalent to the residential consumption of about 450,000 people for one year, as well as hydrogen water electrolysis on an industrial scale. In the long term, several tens of thousands of tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year could thus be produced to meet a very wide range of uses.


The signature of this innovative public-private partnership was made possible thanks to the involvement of the many stakeholders involved in the zero-carbon transition and will fully contribute to the development of the hydrogen sector in France.


Key figures


  • 1,300 GWh of solar electricity produced, equivalent to the residential consumption of about 450,000 people for one year
  • Project phases: first achievements at the end of 2021; final phase planned for 2027
  • Ultimately, thousands of tons of renewable hydrogen are produced per year for a wide range of uses.


Customer challenges


  • Deploy green mobility stations in the region but also industries 
  • Build a system for the local production of renewable electricity, valorized in the form of hydrogen 
  • Providing green energy to an eco-neighbourhood
  • Develop "zero carbon as a service" solutions for industrial customers and territories 
  • Contribute to local and regional economic development.


The ENGIE solution


HyGreen Provence, the first commercial project of this scale in France, is based on the construction of a local renewable electricity production system, valorized in the form of hydrogen, itself potentially stored in salt cavities on a site operated by Storengy, an ENGIE subsidiary. The final objective is to supply a network of green mobility stations deployed in the region but also in industries. The know-how, infrastructure and R&D work on the production and storage of hydrogen on or below the surface are crucial to the success of such a project.


Expertise et offres

  • implementation of zero-carbon solutions for industrial customers and territories integrating the entire value chain (production, storage, distribution)
  • 100% renewable energies, including hydrogen
  • Control of the hydrogen value chain: from production to point of use, including electrolysis technology, surface or underground storage
  • Hydrogen mobility at local and regional level: light vehicles, trucks, buses, or commercial vehicles
  • Use of hydrogen for the supply of heat and cooling to an eco-neighbourhood in the agglomeration
  • Use of hydrogen for the development of virtuous industrial uses throughout the region.


"HyGreen Provence is above all an ambitious and innovative territory project. It involves all the stakeholders concerned, in particular the Verdon and Luberon Natural Parks, with a desire for consultation. We are thus part of the dynamic that the energy valley constitutes, engaged with partners such as the Iter project, the CEA of Cadarache, Geomethane, hydroelectricity of the Durance. We are thus contributing to France's energy transition with renowned industrialists who, through their respective expertise, bring credibility and viability to a zero carbon emission requirement".
Bernard Jeanmet-Péralta, President of DLVA


"We are pleased to contribute to this flagship project that will demonstrate, in France, on an industrial scale, the key role that hydrogen will play in the energy transition. For more than 40 years, Air Liquide has developed a unique know-how in hydrogen. With expertise in all production technologies - including electrolysis - the Group is now a leading player in the world in the production of low-carbon hydrogen energy. This project is part of the Group's climate strategy, the most ambitious in its sector".
Guy Salzgeber, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and member of the Executive Committee of Air Liquide in charge of the Industrial Merchant, Hydrogen Energy and Innovation business


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