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ENGIE x Orange – France


How to decarbonise energy consumption, while guaranteeing continuity of supply?

By ENGIE - 24 March 2021 - 10:19

With its strategic Engage 2025 plan, Orange is aiming to reduce its direct CO2 emissions by 30% compared with 2015, thanks to an energy mix made up of 50% of renewables. In the longer term, Orange is aiming for zero net carbon emissions by 2040. 
By meeting these targets, the Group intends to contribute to the energy transition and to the economic development of the regions that will host the new solar facilities.


Orange has entered a Green Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with ENGIE in order to meet its targets. These long-term renewable energy supply contracts decarbonise energy consumption by using renewable energy that is reliable and certified at a controlled cost. 
This green PPA is one of the ten biggest contracts signed worldwide in 2021, providing for the purchase of 51 MWc of green electricity (Green PPA Top Global offtakers, Source Bloomberg).

ENGIE’s solution for Orange: an integrated approach and the creation of new renewable energy capacity in the regions

We were able to offer an unprecedented energy supply solution to Orange thanks to our position as the leading developer of solar and wind energy in France, and our expertise in the complete value chain of renewable electricity.


There are three parts to this global solution: 

  • A 15-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Orange and ENGIE that will enable two new solar projects totalling 51 MWc to be developed in L’Epine (38 MWc) and Ribeyret (13 MWc) in the Hautes-Alpes department in France. 
  • The aggregation of the entire output of renewable energy from the wind farms and solar power plants, for which Orange has signed an electricity purchase agreement.
  • The delivery of additional volume to guarantee a continuous energy supply that matches Orange’s actual consumption profile as closely as possible.


This integrated approach enables us to continuously supply a volume of green electricity that meets Orange’s needs. And all at an attractive and stable price!


“The reduction of our environmental footprint is an important aspect of Orange’s strategy. In this respect, our agreement with ENGIE is very important and demonstrates our ambition to be a leading player on the renewable energy market in France, and to contribute to the country’s energy transition and to the economic development of the regions that will host these new solar facilities.”
Fabienne Dulac, Vice-Managing Director of Orange and CEO of Orange France




Key figures

  • 15 years: the duration of the Green PPA between Orange and ENGIE.
  • 51 MWc: the total power of the two solar farms that will be built in the Hautes-Alpes under the terms of the Green PPA between Orange and ENGIE.
  • 1 January 2023: the date when the two solar farms built to supply renewable electricity to Orange will come on stream.