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ENGIE x PowerCorner - TANZANIA


How to bring clean energy to off-grid populations in rural Tanzania?

By ENGIE - 30 October 2019 - 16:43

Access to electricity is a critical factor in economic development, yet half of the African population remains without. ENGIE set out to change this with PowerCorner, an affordable solar mini-grid energy solution. Since the first pilot in Ketumbeine, Tanzania in 2016, a total of 13 mini-grids have been installed in villages around Tanzania and Eastern Zambia. Today, these mini-grids provide 2,500 connections supplying approximately 12,500 people. Residents, local businesses, and public services have gained access to clean, safe, and reliable energy—and a new world of opportunities.


Key Figures

Client Challenges

  • Gaining access to electricity
  • Supporting local economic development
  • Improving quality of life


ENGIE's Solution

To address the issue of electricity access in rural Africa, ENGIE implemented its BETTER Energy program with PowerCorner. At its core, PowerCorner brings solar-powered mini-grids to rural areas, giving residents access to electricity for their own domestic needs, but also for professional activities that contribute to economic development. Combined with intelligent digital features like connected smart meters, mobile payment, and efficient appliance leasing, ENGIE PowerCorner offers a clean, affordable, and turnkey alternative to traditional energy sources such as kerosene and diesel. Today, in villages across Tanzania and Zambia, households, businesses, public health centers, and schools have already been electrified—and new productive uses like water pumping for agriculture or powering carpentry machines will lead to increased economic development in the region.


ENGIE PowerCorner is part of ENGIE’s ongoing commitment to improving electricity access across Africa. After the first roll-out in Tanzania, this solution was implemented in Zambia, along with a solar home offering from subsidiary ENGIE Fenix. By 2025, ENGIE plans to have installed 1,000+ mini-grids across the continent, empowering two million people to take charge of their energy supply.


Expertise and Offers 

  • Rural energy access
  • Integrated off-grid solutions
  • Full value chain management
  • Digital solutions like mobile money and pay-as-you-go technologies
  • Proposing energy efficient appliances to our customers and…
  • … facilitating access to these appliances by proposing lease-to-own solutions
  • Stimulating and fostering entrepreneurial initiatives through training
  • Improving agriculture by connecting electric water pumps, milling machines…
  • Developing public services by connecting infrastructures such as health centers and schools
  • Bringing innovative energy related services like e-mobility and e-connectivity (wifi)
  • Quality of life improvement



"My village is facing a huge domestic water scarcity problem. As soon as I accessed PowerCorner electricity, I knew it could help. I decided to invest my savings in a water distribution business. It's been almost four months since I started and I now serve over 60 people daily—and counting! Thank you, ENGIE PowerCorner, for changing my life and this remote rural village of ours!"
Kahim Kassim, Mbaya, Tanzania