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ENGIE x wind power in Brasil


How to accelerate the energy transition in Brazil?

By ENGIE - 12 April 2021 - 12:37

The United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), resulting from the Kyoto Protocol, allows private companies to help countries achieve their sustainable development goals. For Brazil, this is an opportunity to target an ever cleaner energy mix thanks to the contribution of ENGIE. 

ENGIE's solution for this country: a huge wind power complex 


ENGIE is currently building its biggest wind farm complex in the world to offer a capacity of 361,2 MW in the municipalities of Sento Sé and Umburanas in Brazil. Campo Largo 2 is a project that has mobilised cutting-edge logistics to deploy equipment of impressive dimensions, including 86 giant wind turbines with a capacity of 4.2 MW each (against 2,5 MW for regular ones). This huge complex is scheduled to be up and running this year, marking the completion of work begun in 2019. What makes this project such a bold undertaking? The electricity produced will be sold on the free market. This means that ENGIE has built this wind complex without any pre-existing energy sales from the Brazilian government. Campo Largo 2 is located near two wind farms already in operation, Campo Largo 1 (326 MW) and Umburanas (360 MW). Thanks to the combined action of these three complexes, ENGIE aims to exceed 1 GW of installed wind power capacity (in total) in Brazil and obtain registration with the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism.


Did you know?


More than 90% of the Group's installed capacity in Brazil is produced from renewable sources!



"ENGIE already plays an effective role in the energy transition process in Brazil. Campo Largo 2 will reinforce our strategy of growth from renewable energy sources.
Maurício Bähr, CEO, ENGIE Brazil


Key figures:

  • 11 wind farms with 86 turbines each 
  • 361.2 MW of installed renewable energy capacity 
  • 2 billion dollar investment