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ENGIE x wind power in Brasil


How to accelerate the energy transition in Brazil?

By ENGIE - 06 April 2023 - 16:00

The United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), resulting from the Kyoto Protocol, allows private companies to help countries achieve their sustainable development goals. For Brazil, this is an opportunity to target an ever cleaner energy mix thanks to the contribution of ENGIE. 

ENGIE's solution for this country: a huge wind power complex 


On March 23, an additional wind complex started to operate in Brazil. The first 6.2 MW capacity wind turbine of Santo Agostinho Wind Complex went into commercial operation. Situated in the municipalities of Lajes and Pedro Avelino in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Santo Agostinho will have an installed capacity of 434 MW when concluded, comprising 14 wind farms with a total of 70 wind generator units.


About 22 months have elapsed between the start of work and gradual entry into commercial operations. With a portfolio of wind projects at an advanced stage of development reaching the 3 GW mark in Brazil, the country is at the core of the Group´s objective of growing in renewables. 


Did you know?


100% of the Group's installed capacity in Brazil is produced from renewable sources and ENGIE is the leader in renewable energy in the country!


"ENGIE already plays an effective role in the energy transition process in Brazil, where we are 100% renewable. Santo Agostinho wind complex will reinforce our strategy of growth from renewable energy sources." 
Maurício Bähr, CEO, ENGIE Brazil


Key figures:

  • 14 wind farms with a total of 70 wind generator units.
  • 434 MW of installed renewable energy capacity
  • BRL (Brazilian Real) 2.3 billion investment