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ENGIE x wind power in Texas (USA)


How to develop renewable energy sources in the rural United States

By ENGIE - 22 June 2021 - 09:41

As the largest of the Lower 48 States, much of Texas remains rural. Renewable energy projects are bringing new sources of economic development to them. Why? Because these projects create new jobs both in construction and the long term, they are a source of additional income for landowners and provide tax revenues for local communities long into the future. But how can the home of oil be transformed into a leader in renewable energy?


ENGIE’s solution: a transformational wind farm in the heart of Texas 

In December 2020, ENGIE commissioned its largest renewable energy project of the year in the United States: the Prairie Hill 300-MW wind farm in Limestone and McLennan counties, Texas. More than 400,000 hours of work were necessary to build this farm, with its 100 3-MW wind turbines, plus the access roads, an underground electricity collection system and an overhead power line.

View the construction of this gigantic wind farm:

Did you know?

At peak production, the 100 wind turbines on the Prairie Hill wind farm produce enough energy to supply the equivalent of more than 60,000 households. 


Key figures:

  • 100 wind turbines 
  • 300 MW of green energy produced per year
  • 166 MW purchased by the Walmart group to supply its stores and distribution centres