Nuclear Trainees Program Junior: our participating companies

Which company would you like to start your career in? Discover ENGIE’s subsidiaries participating to the Nuclear Trainee Program Junior and make your choice before applying!

ENGIE Fabricom


ENGIE Fabricom is the Belgian leader in installation services and innovative technical services for the industrial and infrastructure markets. Its expertise covers a wide range of technical disciplines including electricity, instrumentation, mechanical engineering, industrial piping, automation and maintenance. The company has considerable experience in managing complex and large projects, both on a regional and an international level. ENGIE Fabricom is also involved in the maintenance activities of the Doel and Tihange power plants.


ENGIE Fabricom is looking for industrial engineers and / or civil engineers, electrical engineers, electricians, attracted by the project management to manage maintenance, installation and revamping projects for customers. The company is also looking for operational and technical/commercial engineers to prepare and support technical interventions in the field, during unit shutdowns and/or during modification works.




ENGIE Laborelec is a leading expertise and research centre in electrical power technology. Drawing on the skills of 240 highly specialised engineers and technicians, the company is active on the whole electricity value chain and backs a large set of customers in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution, storage and final use of electricity, with a particular focus upon the energy transition and the 3 D’s – decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation.


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Apart from being the Belgian leader in the transport and handling of radioactive material, TRANSNUBEL also designs and supplies equipment for the transport, storage and maintenance of radioactive material, and has expertise in packaging licensing. Transnubel provides on-site technical assistance and organizes international transportation through a network of specialized companies.




SYNATOM is Belgium’s nuclear provisioning company. In that capacity, it manages the supply of enriched uranium to nuclear power plants. Synatom is also responsible for the managing the disposal of spent fuel.




TECNUBEL has multiple core businesses: servicing the nuclear industry (decontamination, decommissioning, waste treatment and processing of nuclear fuel), inspections, logistics and industrial cleaning.


TECNUBEL is looking for operational and technical/commercial engineers to prepare and support technical and logistical interventions and for the transfer of nuclear materials. Engineers for dismantling and decontamination projects are also sought.




TRACTEBEL ENGIE is one of Europe’s largest engineering companies. It offers state-of-the art engineering and consulting solutions to industry and the energy sector, as well as to private and public infrastructure clients. TRACTEBEL ENGIE has an impressive track record in the nuclear power sector, providing project management and technical services to utilities, research centers, agencies and suppliers around the world. In some cases, these interactions have developed into long-term partnerships. In our Belgian home market, TRACTEBEL ENGIE has been assisting the nuclear power industry since its origins.


In France, TRACTEBEL ENGIE also provides engineering consultancy services and focuses on the design, construction supervision and commissioning of large infrastructure projects. More specifically, those projects that stand out due to their size, service lifetime and importance for the community and the environment. Headquartered in Paris, with subsidiaries in France, TRACTEBEL ENGIE is a global player whose activities encompass: environmental assessments and resettlement action plans.


TRACTEBEL ENGIE is looking for design and consulting engineers to undertake new construction, modification and decommissioning projects on nuclear facilities.


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ENGIE Electrabel


ENGIE Electrabel is a leading energy company and the largest power producer in the Benelux. It has three core businesses: the sales of electricity, natural gas and energy products and services; the electricity generation; ENGIE Electrabel operates 7 nuclear power plants in Belgium (4 in Doel and 3 in Tihange) and has strategic shareholdings in France and Germany.


ENGIE Electrabel is looking for engineers specialising in nuclear safety, radiation protection, chemistry, maintenance and nuclear projects.


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