1, 2, 3… 100 jobs with a meaning

By ENGIE - 25 October 2021 - 17:20

From vocational qualifications to doctorates, ENGIE offers a multitude of trades, in which our employees can act in favour of the environment and pursue their convictions. We offer more than 100 positive-impact professions, in which young graduates and more experienced people can develop their careers. Professions that have a meaning and a future.


We offer numerous opportunities in France and abroad in a multitude of formats, ranging from work-study programmes and internships to voluntary service, graduate programmes and permanent contracts. Because we want to create tomorrow’s world and a brighter future together.
ENGIE brings together thousands of employees with different profiles, backgrounds and personalities, who all have one thing in common: they are all driven by a wish to take concrete action that speeds up the energy transition. To achieve this goal, we must continuously improve our know-how and stimulate creativity in order to innovate. 
When you join ENGIE, you can be sure that you will find a job with a meaning and an impact, in an activity at the heart of the challenges of the future. 


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Three broad families of professions to change the world together

ENGIE offers more than 100 positive-impact professions. Each one of them contributes to the energy transition in its own way.

At ENGIE, the family of technical professions includes all the activities related to construction, maintenance, networks, engineering, research and development. It represents almost 70% of the Group’s jobs. Thanks to their qualifications and advanced knowledge of their trade, these employees develop and deploy our innovations.  In their own way, they all contribute to the energy transition, by helping our customers to cut their energy consumption, or by developing efficient and long-lasting solutions for the Group.


The support functions include all the activities that provide cross-functional support for the other business activities. They include logistics, communications, legal and human resources, and they account for 20% of the jobs in the Group. They play an essential role in guaranteeing the efficient operation of the company and supporting the operational teams on a daily basis. From environmental auditors to responsible portfolio managers, the support functions also have a role to play in the construction of a more sustainable world.

Finally, the business functions represent all the activities related to the management and development of the business. They account for about 10% of the Group’s jobs. Thanks to them, we can market the know-how of our technical businesses. But more importantly, thanks to their daily efforts, we can accelerate the development of renewable energies and increase our impact on society.
By working for a better world hand in hand, our employees, with their broad range of skills and backgrounds, can find meaning and help to build a more responsible, stronger and more inclusive world.


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  • Network operations technician. They play a key role in the Group by guaranteeing continuity of supply for all our customers. They are the guarantors of the deployment of our responsible solutions.
  • HVAC technician. They work very closely with our customers to guarantee the proper operation of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems, by avoiding overconsumption of energy and protecting the comfort of all.
  • B2B sales representative / manager. Working in the field, these men and women promote the Group’s know-how and sell its products and services. No-one can highlight our most sustainable and responsible initiatives as well as they do!
  • Wind power business developer. As key actors in the energy transition, our wind power business developers promote and oversee all the business actions that precede the construction of wind farms. They lay the foundations of the future sites that will produce renewable energy.
  • Biogas site manager. They are the band leaders of biogas sites. They coordinate and develop the site’s activities in order to produce more clean energy, thereby taking the energy transition one step further.
  • R&D engineer. These men and women design, develop and test new products or processes that make a key contribution to the achievement of our energy transition targets. There is one of these engineers behind every sustainable and responsible idea.
  • IT project manager. These experts in IT propose and implement solutions that will make the everyday work of their colleagues and our customers easier. 
  • Network architect. What is their second language? Information technology. They establish seamless and efficient communications between the company’s machines.
  • Data analyst. The role of a data analyst consists of turning raw data into data that can be used directly to speed up the energy transition. Their field of action knows no boundaries, from finding the best site to build a wind farm, to optimising energy consumption.
  • Contract manager. Contract managers manage and develop customer portfolios by proposing solutions that meet our customers’ needs and help them to achieve their ambition of transforming their energy consumption.


By choosing one of our 100 positive-impact jobs, you will learn a trade of the future and develop a rich, fulfilling and meaningful career. But, most importantly, you will have the opportunity to play an active part in the energy transition that the world needs.