ENGIE makes CDP’s A List for the fourth year in a row

By ENGIE - 22 January 2020 - 11:25

For the fourth year running, ENGIE has been placed on the A List by CDP, the non-financial rating agency specialising in environmental impact. CDP’s annual score is widely recognised as the global benchmark for corporate environmental transparency.


ENGIE has been recognised for its actions to reduce its CO2 emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop the low-carbon economy, based on data submitted by the company as part of the 2019 questionnaire on climate change.


Since 2015, the Group has reduced its direct CO2 emissions (known as scope 1) by more than 50%, increased its solar power generation capacity six-fold, and increased its wind capacity by 20%. It committed in early 2019 to a 9 GW increase in its installed capacity for renewable electricity production by 2021.

ENGIE’s CEO Isabelle Kocher said: “ENGIE has undergone a transformation since 2016, to support  its  customers  towards  the  zero-carbon  transition  and  thus  to  preserve  the  planet. This transformation has led us to become a company with a positive impact on people's lives.  These  continuous  efforts  have  allowed  the  Group  to  get  back  on  the  road  to  growth  and profits. We  are  pleased  that  our  environmental  performance  and  commitments  have  been recognised in this way by a benchmark agency like CDP.”

Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP, said: “Congratulations to the companies that achieved a position on CDP’s A List this year, for leading in environmental performance and transparency. The scale of the business risks from the climate emergency are vast – as are the opportunities from addressing them – and it’s clear the private sector has a vital role to play at this critical time. The A List companies are leading the market in corporate sustainability, tackling environmental risks and setting themselves up to thrive in tomorrow’s economy.


CDP assesses companies each year on the completeness of their declaration, their level of awareness and their management of environmental risks, as well as their demonstration of best practices associated with environmental leadership, such as the definition of ambitious and relevant objectives.


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