ENGIE wants to be one of the architects of this revolution and has targeted cities and regions as vectors of this transformation.

Cities and Regions: Key Stakeholders for ENGIE

Nowadays, many local authorities are looking to strengthen their management over energy supply and land use, as well as to providing customized and higher quality services. This finding can be explained by three major factors: the ongoing decentralization of decision-making processes, the growing willingness to “decarbonize” the economy and the emerging digitalization of services and data. As a result, energy transition is happening at different speeds around the world and is taking varying forms, depending on local conditions (resources and constraints, culture, climate, etc.).

The scale of a city is also critical. More than ever, cities are the places where global challenges in demographics, natural resources, and climate play out: they represent 54% of the world’s population today – a proportion that will grow to 70% by 2050, account for 75% of global energy consumption and 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

ENGIE, a Local Partner for Sustainable and Vibrant Cities and Regions

In response to evolving world challenges, ENGIE has adapted its organizational structure in order to implement the energy transition. With a regional structure, ENGIE is closer than ever to the issues on the ground, to local authorities and to its customers. And to maintain its global reach, ENGIE has created a worldwide business line for Decentralized Solutions for Cities and Regions. Its objective? To accelerate the development of integrated infrastructure, efficient services and smart digital solutions. Its experts and business developers are dedicated to helping local teams bring the best of ENGIE to their customers. The latter include cities (ranging in scale from mega-regions to smaller towns or districts), other local areas (islands, remote zones, semi-rural districts, etc.) as well as self-contained areas (airports, ports, industrial complexes, university and tertiary campuses, etc.).

Better city today

ENGIE is leading the charge to smart, sustainable, and online cities.

Today, half of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, that figure will rise to three quarters: some six billion people. How can we reconcile demographic growth and quality of life? Or the increased need for energy and energy austerity? And urban development and the conservation of resources? ENGIE is starting to provide answers to these questions today, through its #bettercitiestoday strategy.

Cities in key figures

Cities in key figures

What are the challenges of the city of tomorrow and how does ENGIE contribute today to create a more harmonious, safer and energy-efficient city? Discover it in the infographics below!

Better city today

ENGIE: Cities and sustainable progress

"It isn’t a matter of building utopias, but of generating structural improvements in the quality of urban life by offering local authorities tangible proposals which, when incorporated as part of a whole, will deliver solutions worthy of the challenge", Michael Schack, Director, Networks and Cogeneration, B2T at ENGIE.

ENGIE Solutions: Inventing the City of the Future

In order to help cities and regions transform themselves into sustainable, efficient and attractive communities, ENGIE deploys technologies tailored to each context and as a precise response to the specific challenges (urban planning, responsible use of resources, energy consumption, etc.). To reach the expected outcomes, ENGIE develops innovative, cross-cutting and cost-effective solutions, designed closely with customers including local authorities and cutting-edge players from ecosystems in the area (startups, established companies, universities, civil society, etc.).

Comfort and quality-of-life, infrastructure, mobility, real-time management of cities… ENGIE solutions cover a broad range of expertise:

  • Local, decentralized energy generation, using cutting-edge technologies (micro-grids, combined solar and battery storage solutions, etc.). By accurately measuring consumption, smart digital solutions also adapt energy supply to real needs and thus, reduce the environmental footprint
    Improving resident quality-of-life and comfort by controlling energy

    Smart Grids Experience: ENGIE Ineo is currently testing the first smart grid for an entire business park

    Led by ENGIE Ineo, the Smart Grids Experience is designed to test full-scale smart grids. Installed on a business park in Toulouse, this smart grid provides a backbone for the interconnection of energy consuming installations, energy generating plants (including 300kWp from solar panels and 60kW from wind turbines) and energy storage to achieve the optimum balance between power generation and consumption in real time.

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  • Heating and cooling solutions, the most efficient way to massively substitute fossil fuels by low- and no-carbon renewables in city centers. CLIMESPACE, a subsidiary of ENGIE, is a specialist in the cooling of tertiary sector buildings in dense urban environments. It operates in Paris and develops one of the largest district cooling systems in the world and the largest in Europe
  • Green mobility solutions ranging from fuel substitution to multi-modal transportation infrastructure design and information systems. More than 5,000 electric vehicle charging stations and a network of 200 Natural Gas Vehicle stations for heavy duty vehicles have been deployed by ENGIE in Europe. Furthermore, 130 public transportation networks worldwide are using ENGIE’s computer-aided dispatch and passenger information systems
  • Digital systems and platforms including city dashboards, traffic management systems and e-health. As an example, Cit’Eazen is an application enabling citizens to directly report incidents to the city services. Another example: ENGIE Ineo currently provides support to over 350 health facilities, including an offer that allows patients, doctors and hospitals to share information via a digital terminal and online telemedicine platforms
    Piloter les projets urbains avec une vision globale de la ville

    Cit’EaseTM, the first comprehensive interactive control panel for cities

    Designed by ENGIE and SUEZ  in partnership with the local authority of Courbevoie, Cit’EaseTM is an interactive control panel that centralizes every type of urban data, from energy to water, waste, mobility, noise, security and the living environment. It therefore offers councilors, technical managers and local stakeholders an overview of every aspect of every urban issue to enable more effective management of the city. Built in conjunction with councilors and local stakeholders as part of a shared innovation initiative, the Cit’EaseTM concept adapts to accommodate the challenges specific to every urban environment.

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  • Optimization of public lighting and security. ENGIE Ineo operates in more than 700 thousand points of light in France. Its territorial agencies ensure the energy efficiency of public lighting parks and heritage enhancement. As for security, ENGIE designed, financed, installed, operates and maintains 1106 security cameras in Paris alone
Energy optimization

The city of tomorrow cannot be dissociated from energy optimization

Cities today must reconcile economic development, performance and sustainability to provide their populations with comfort and quality of life.

Regenerating urban territories

Regenerating urban territories

How can you improve the quality of life, increase employment and enhance the attractiveness of an ailing region? Facing these challenges, ENGIE offers solutions to towns and cities and their elected officials.

Better city today

Street lighting helps create more harmonious cities

ENGIE has concrete solutions for a range of challenges faced by cities, including reducing energy consumption, optimizing the reliability of public equipment, and improving the safety of city residents.

imaginative builders

Imaginative Builders are constructing the city of tomorrow

ENGIE is a community of Imaginative Builders. Each of them is an essential part in the innovations of tomorrow.

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