ENGIE Harmony Project

By ENGIE - 21 June 2018 - 12:00

Energy is at the heart of human progress. As a leading energy company, ENGIE has always been a pioneer, forging a path towards new horizons. The more we see our world as an arena of opportunities, the more collaborative we must be in capturing its potential. Our purpose is to contribute to harmonious progress. #ENGIEHarmonyProject

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Our 150,000 employees work every day to pave the way for a more harmonious progress by giving everyone the power to act, and we strive to reconcile economic performance with social and environmental responsibility. #ImaginativeBuilders #EngieHarmonyProject




Today, ENGIE goes beyond energy.


We unite the best expertise with imagination to lead a powerful collective action.


We imagine solutions for territories, companies, buildings, and homes, empowering individuals andcommunities. By reconciling individual and collective interest, we contribute to harmonious progress.