Procurement is a key element in the ENGIE Group’s operational performance. Totaling €19 billion in 2017 (excluding purchases of energy), it amounts to roughly one quarter of the Group’s sales.

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Procurement an ambition to serve ENGIE transformation

Controlling and optimizing our external purchases are two key pillars of the ENGIE Group’s operational performance. External spend amounted to €19 billion in 2017 (except energy), equivalent to more than one quarter of the Group’s sales.

This is why our operational function manages supplier relations by adopting a system of governance seeking to:

  • contribute significantly to the Group’s operational performance,
  • create a model in terms of the creation of synergies in the Group,
  • be an ambassador for suppliers with respect to the Group’s commitments on Health and Safety and on Environmental and Social Responsibility.

Our principal commitments and our demands are set out in the Group’s Procurement Policy.

Vigilance alert over fake order scam

The ENGIE Group wishes to alert its suppliers to fraudulent acts being perpetrated in its name. Requests to open a customer account in the name of ENGIE or ENGIE FRANCE-COURBEVOIE followed by fake order forms have been mass-mailed to companies. They could potentially mislead companies unfamiliar with the procurement procedures currently practiced by the Group.

ENGIE asks all current and potential suppliers to exercise the greatest vigilance. They are reminded that:

  • they should not ship any equipment in the absence of mention of a certified customer account, a recognized ENGIE address and a purchase order issued by the ENGIE system referring to the supplier code allocated to them by the procurement department,
  • no invoice will be paid without confirmation of receipt of equipment by ENGIE.