Our strategy

As an energy transition leader and driven by our purpose, we enable businesses and local authorities to make the shift to carbon neutrality. To do so, we draw on our strong positioning in the renewable energies and low-carbon thermal energy production sectors and our infrastructure management skills, to offer a model that focuses on the complementarity of energies and adaptation to our clients’ needs.

To accelerate this transition, our strategy has three main priorities:


Accelerating investment in renewable assets with the ambitious target of increasing renewable energy capacity from 3 to 4 GW per year

We are creating value by focusing on the development of renewable energies (hydroelectricity, solar, wind, biomass) and we are investing in advanced technologies (offshore wind, biogas, hydrogen). In this respect, the recovery plans announced in Europe, which back up our strategic orientations, represent new growth opportunities.


Ramping up our investment in infrastructure

We are reinforcing and diversifying our infrastructure presence to ensure the efficient transport of energy from its point of production to the user. We are enabling flexibility and the integration of renewable energies into energy mixes by adapting gas networks and developing electricity networks, in France and around the world.


Refocusing our client solutions

on low-carbon power generation, energy infrastructures and related services, providing sophisticated, integrated and large-scale solutions to cities, communities and industries. These solutions, based on long-term contracts, bring visibility and resilience, as well as attractive growth potential. The main activities concerned will include urban heating and cooling networks, decentralised energy production, energy efficiency, smart cities, green mobility and engineering.

These three strategic orientations are based on: 


Three performance levers that really make a difference to our customers: 

  • Digital technology, which reinforces the technological component of our solutions
  • Consulting, through ENGIE Impact, which supports the world's 500 biggest companies as they build their net-zero transition
  • Funding, which multiplies our impact on clients through the creation of financial partnerships.


A simplified and tailored organisation:

  • Activities refocused on our core businesses
  • A tighter geographic footprint 
  • 4 cross-functional Business Lines to enhance competitiveness, innovation and coordination: Renewable Energies, Infrastructures, Client Solutions and Thermal Energy.


Our strategic choices aim to build a net-zero carbon transition for all.