Our strategy

ENGIE is a global energy player, focused on Renewable energy andlow carbon distributed energy infrastructures , helping its clients to achieve their decarbonisation targets. Through our industrial approach and guided by our corporate purpose, we are in a unique position to build the low-carbon energy system of tomorrow and meet the challenges of climate change. 

Our roadmap enables us to reassert our role as a leader in an affordable, reliable, and sustainable transition and focuses on four development axes: 

  • Simplification of the Group, with an industrial approach and activities in line with the major trends of the global energy sector
  • A new organisation offering greater efficiency and better performance 
  • Accelerated growth in Renewables and low carbon distributed energy infrastructures 
  • An ambitious target of Net Zero Carbon by 2045, for us and for our clients 


ENGIE is refocusing:

  • We are focussing on our four core activities: renewable energy, energy solutions, networks, and thermal production & energy supply. We are reorganising around four Global Business Units to gain in clarity and performance. 
  • We are focussing on a geographic footprint reduced to less than 30 countries by 2030 (compared with 70 in 2018)
  • We are implementing a performance plan whose two pillars will be digitalisation and data, and strengthening our culture of operational excellence with a plan to save 600 million euros by 2023.
  • We are regrouping some of our service activities by creating an entity that will be a leader in technical services
Bandeau stratégie

We are accelerating our growth in renewable energy and in low carbon distributed energy infrastructures

  • We will be developing Renewables by allocating almost 45% of our growth investments by 2023. We are targeting an additional annual capacity of 3 GW in 2021, then 4 GW/year from 2022 to 2025, and 6 GW from 2026.
  • In energy solutions, we aim to develop additional capacity of 8 GW by 2025 in low carbon distributed energy infrastructures.
  • Convinced that gas is an essential lever in the energy transition, we are strengthening our role as a pioneer by building a strong position in renewable gas, and more specifically hydrogen. We are aiming for a renewable hydrogen production capacity of 4 GW by 2030, 700 km of dedicated hydrogen networks and the installation of more than 100 fuelling stations for hydrogen mobility.


A few figures

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We are investing heavily to support these targets 

To do this, we are going to execute 9 to 10 billion euros in disposals and will reinvest 15 to 16 billion euros that will be focused on growth. 


We are making the ambitious commitment to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2045, for us and for our clients

We are strengthening our commitment to decarbonisation by following a trajectory in line with the Paris Agreement and by helping our clients achieve a 45 Mt reduction in their CO2 emissions per year by 2030.

Our strategy from A to Z

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Today, we are building the low-carbon energy system of tomorrow for an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy transition.