Making zero-carbon transition possible for corporates and local authorities


To implement this transition, we are offering our most sophisticated customers global solutions: technological, digital and with financing, to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.


Develop integrated solutions “as a service”


These solutions made to measure include smart, energy-efficient equipment, powered using carbon-free energy, drastically reducing consumption. We act through-out the value chain: strategy, design, engineering, energy-efficient asset construction, digital platforms, operations management, financing syndication and outcome assurance. By combining our expertise in infrastructures and our close proximity to the customer, we are particularly well positioned to support them in this transition.


Making changes to our various activities:


  • We are stepping up the pace with two growth drivers: customer solutions and second-generation renewables
  • We are maintaining strong positions in Networks and keeping up optimizing our thermal assets

Two high added value activities to drive growth


2nd generation renewable energies

Advanced technologies as offshore wind, green gas and geothermal with 50% new projects by 2021.


Client solutions

Integrated “as a service” solutions intended for companies and local authorities, allowing them to reduce consumption with smart, energy-efficient equipment, powered using carbon-free energy.

Two growth drivers:


Gas and electricity grids

Gas and electricity grids adapted to renewables energies to ensure the continuity of supply as decarbonized as possible. We continue to invest in its French gas networks, adapting to future requirements in terms of green gas.


Power generation

The combination of advanced and made-to-measure technologies (energy efficiency offers and co-generation). Gas power plants in addition to renewables energies.

Three accelerators: for continuous upgradation of technological solutions and invest, with clients for delivering infrastructures “as a service”


  • Digital to strengthen the technical component of offers
  • Consulting to help the 500 largest global companies to build their zero-carbon transition
  • Financing to leverage our impact on customers by setting up financial partnerships.


Simplified and adapted organization:


  • An activity focused on 20 countries, 30 major cities and 500 large global companies.
  • Creation of 4 cross-cutting Business Lines to increase our competitiveness, innovation and coordination: Customer solutions, Renewable energies, Infrastructures, Thermal.